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Law Enforcement Today is completely independent, managed by private individuals and third party vendors. Our publication and social media platform are not related or associated with any law enforcement department in any way and we do not represent the opinions or positions of any law enforcement agency or department. Like many other popular social media platforms, we do not censor or scrub contributor opinion pieces, posts, or editorial content. Editorial content that expresses an opinion, even when those opinions are in the minority or not on trend, enable and prompt discussion of sensitive issues and can even highlight societal injustices perceived by the author that can be of relevance to others and can spark motivation for resolution and change. We often learn more from those opinions we do not agree with than those we share. We respect the First Amendment rights of all our followers and contributors. Law Enforcement Today is an uncensored discussion platform that receives editorial content which of course portrays and promotes the opinions of the contributing writer. While we may not at times agree with a position or opinion, we understand that our contributors are diverse not only in culture but in their personal and professional experiences. Those experiences very often shape opinions, positions, goals and overall attitude toward any societal issue. We respect our contributors’ rights to express those opinions, even when we ourselves may not share the same position, opinion, or experience. We cannot learn how to bridge our differences unless we hear all voices of support and opposition to any societal uproar and call for change.

We believe that social media platforms should remain uncensored so that our followers not only read about opinions and objectives they share, but also so they can inform themselves about all sides of an issue and educate themselves about the often unpopular opinions that should nonetheless be heard so they can be addressed and even defeated when justice calls for opposition and protest to those opinions. If we censor unpopular opinions and editorial content that is not on trend or in line with the majority of news media, we limit the ability of our followers to acknowledge and discuss those positions and therefore create obstacles to collaboration and effective communal change. We are undoubtedly in a time of much change. However, it is not our role at Law Enforcement Today to influence that change in any direction. We provide a platform for discussion and expression of concerns raised by our followers not all of which are part of the law enforcement community. Our followers and contributors utilize Law Enforcement Today’s platform to offer their individual opinions and headlines news stories that feel should be highlighted. We welcome the diverse expression of opinions but want to be clear that our followers are in no way representing or expressing the opinions or positions of their employers or law enforcement departments in any way whether officially or unofficially. As with all social media activity, contributed content should remain the sole responsibility of the contributor unless such opinions expressly violate current law or pose a threat to public health and safety. We do not believe Law Enforcement Today is or has been used for any illegal purpose. As such, we continue to support the First Amendment rights of our contributors and all advocates, regardless of whether we share those opinions as an organization.