LEO supporter and conservative firebrand artist Scott LoBaido’s documentary trailer is out- and it’s awesome


Scott LoBaido, popular New York City artist is known for his support for the LEO community, his patriotism and his fight to save America. An incredible new documentary trailer on him, aptly named A Relentless Patriot, is a MUST SEE

Staten Island, NY: Scott LoBaido is no stranger to the news. His fight to support the men and women in law enforcement and the military, his staunch battles against people like Mayor Deblasio and the “woke” agenda are known nationwide.

And his conviction to fight for America has caught the attention of successful director, Christopher Martini. Martini recently released a trailer for a documentary that truly captures who Scott LoBaido really is. He believes LoBaido’s fight to preserve American ideals like freedom and his fight against the ‘woke’ culture deserves to be represented on film.

In a statement provided to LET by Martini, he said:

“I discovered that by telling Scott’s story, I was able to make a film that deals with most of my concerns about what is happening to this country.”

thin blue line paint
LoBaido painting the Thin Blue Line.

And he was spot on.

LoBaido caught our attention in the summer of 2020. That summer was an extremely challenging time for the entire law enforcement profession, and it still is.

The George Floyd Incident

The entire country seemingly turned their backs on cops everywhere after a Minneapolis police officer made some poor decisions in May of 2020. Officer Derek Chauvin was seen on video kneeling over a handcuffed suspect, George Floyd, for over nine minutes. The video went viral and led to protests and destructive riots all over the country.

Floyd later died and Chauvin was subsequently charged and convicted for his murder.

The incident was just the match needed to light the flame for a country worn down by covid restrictions, a struggling economy and an uncertain future.

It then led to a nationwide anti-police sentiment that labeled the entire profession as corrupt and every officer as evil.

Everyone in the law enforcement community knows this is far from true. There will always be bad apples in a bunch, but to lump everyone in the same category is inaccurate and irresponsible.

But it didn’t stop countless celebrities, social media influencers and- worst of all- politicians from riding the tide of anti-police rhetoric.

LEO supporter and conservative firebrand artist Scott LoBaido's documentary trailer is out- and it's awesome

A Voice for Law Enforcement

Practically everyone jumped on the anti-cop, “defund the police” movement- except people like Scott LoBaido.

He understood that labeling the entire law enforcement profession as corrupt over the actions of one individual is socially irresponsible and dangerous. He knew that defunding police, which was spreading across the nation, was simply a bad idea.

Then New York City Mayor DeBlasio, was one of those politicians. He was promoting the Black Lives Matter and the  “defund the police” movement. But LoBaido wasn’t going to stand idly by to watch everything unfold unchallenged.

This is when we first discovered LoBaido and his incredible style.

During one of Mayor DeBlasio’s political stunts, the mayor was seen on video helping paint a large Black Lives Matter mural on 5th Avenue, right in front of the Trump building. LoBaido later painted a Thin Blue Line in Staten Island borough in front of a police precinct.

LEO supporter and conservative firebrand artist Scott LoBaido's documentary trailer is out- and it's awesome
LoBaido at the Thin Blue Line painting. Image screenshot taken from the documentary on the Christopher Martini YouTube page.

But he didn’t stop there.

He then painted a large canvas image of DeBlasio holding the severed head of the Statue of Liberty and draped it on a local highway overpass.

Then came a letter from the city of New York.

LoBaido told LET in an exclusive interview in 2020:

“When I hung the big banner of Deblasio holding the severed head of the Statue of Liberty over the highway… the story went worldwide. The next day I got the letter about the blue line.”

He continued:

“This is beautiful, this mayor picked the wrong f****** guy! I had the letter in my hand and in my public announcement response video I said ‘you can stick this where the sun don’t shine!”

Artist Scott LoBaido Documentary Trailer Released

Director Christopher Martini also saw something special in Scott LoBaido. He spent a long time on the project and the trailer is finally here.

He captures LoBaido in some of his greatest moments, and his greatest speeches. It also includes several of his supporters, like former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who said in the trailer:

“It seems like all the artist activists are on the left, except for Scott Lobaido.”

Martini and LoBaido share the same sentiment when it comes to people on the left and how much they are damaging America. Martini told LET:

“I would like the film to empower patriots, but also reel in the “left” so they can better understand our position. Ultimately we need to come together, so I hope the synthesis of my story does bring people together.”

In another an emotionally charged scene in the trailer, LoBaido pledged his allegiance to the Thin Blue Line. He said:

“You try to take that f****** blue line down… I’ll paint it till the day I die!”

You know what- just watch the trailer below.

And if you believe in Scott LoBaido and his mission, please share the video. Also subscribe to Director Christopher Martini’s YouTube page to watch similar content like his upcoming music video honoring Medal of Honor recipient Don Jenkins by the combat veteran band, Blackbird Anthem, and more.

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LEO supporter and conservative firebrand artist Scott LoBaido's documentary trailer is out- and it's awesome

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