LEO Gun Challenge


LEO Gun Challenge

The Internet and social media are plagued by silly videos of people doing silly things. More often than I’d like to admit, these silly things become “challenges” and like an epidemic, we have thousands of people posting videos of themselves or their friends doing something that isn’t really what I would call “life enhancing” or skillful.

Lip sync challenge
Lip sync challenge. (Norfolk Police Department)

But still, we watch them, over and over again. I am guilty of saying how stupid they are and then watching anyway. Human nature? Hey, who am I to judge? In a time when the Kardashians are megastars (why?) and reality TV rules television programming, maybe that’s what the current generation wants. Well they can have it!

OK, so I’ll admit it, when it comes to television, I’m old school. My favorite TV show is The Goldbergs because I loved the 80’s. Life was fun, toys were awesome and animals could talk (cars too). I’m also partial to The Goldbergs because they cast me to guest star in an episode last season and I love when WWE’s Bill Goldberg makes a cameo … hilarious! I’ll share that experience in another article but not today.

police work
Are you old enough to remember Adam 12? Now that’s old school. (Courtesy Ray Serna)

Back on track. Today I wanna talk about Internet challenges and I want to start one too! This is going to be a manly challenge. Or womanly, depending upon your “equipment,” but I encourage all LEOs to particpate. Just like your favorite episodes of the A-Team, this challenge involves you making a video with a gun.

Quick disclaimer: Always ensure your gun is unloaded and made safe. Handle it as if it were loaded and keep it pointed in a safe direction. Don’t do anything stupid!

Now, with the safety brief outta the way, I challenge you to post a video showing how quickly you can disassemble your weapon. I get it, different weapons have different parts and different times to disassemble so make sure you clarify what the firearm is and state how long it took you to disassemble it. No cheating!

We’ll begin with a video by Dan Chavez, a firearms instructor from Sunny South Florida. He is seen here disassembling an HK P2000 in about 4 seconds! Let the #LEOGunChallenge begin. Whatcha got?

– Louie G., an 18 year law enforcement veteran

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