Left’s hypocrisy knows no bounds: Riots, protests, looting good … Trump’s campaign rallies are bad (Op-ed)


The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds.

Last month, an owner of a hair salon was arrested for daring to provide for her family.

The owners of a gym in New Jersey had their sewers mysteriously back up when they dared defy Gov. Phil Murphy’s command to stay closed.

A father was arrested for playing catch with his daughter outside in a public park.

Yet, when George Floyd was killed at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, looting and riots were excused as “protests,” and social distancing, masks and all other forms of draconian measures intended to keep the serfs in check were forgotten.

Now, President Trump has announced that he will be resuming his campaign rallies, and the left is losing their proverbial minds.

In fact, the left and their complicit media already have a boogeyman for an anticipated rise in COVID-19 cases. It’s the riots, right? Of course not.

They are poised to blame the evil red-state governors, who lifted restrictions on their residents “too soon.”

The fact that thousands or tens of thousands of malcontents looted businesses, then burned them down, tore down historic monuments, or occupied six blocks of the eighteenth largest city in the country will have nothing to do with a spike.

It’s the Republicans. And of course, it will be President Trump.

Last month, the mayor of Washington, D.C. extended her emergency lockdown order until June 8. On June 6, however Muriel Bowser changed course and encouraged protests, in a tweet saying, “Let’s all meet here soon #BlackLivesMatter,” with a photo proudly displaying the slogan in big block letters on a D.C. street.

In Florida, Rep. Val Demings, who used to be a police officer and who is somehow on Biden’s short list for a vice-presidential running mate, in a since deleted tweet on June 8, said that she had joined a “Healing and Hope Rally last night to speak with our community as America grieves.”

A rally memorializing someone who had been arrested numerous times was ok, but Demings was not down with President Trump holding campaign rallies.

On June 10, she reprimanded the president, where she admonished that holding “mass rallies in Florida and elsewhere as we experience a resurgence in COVID cases is irresponsible and selfish.”

Burn down a Wendy’s, or steal kicks from Foot Locker—no problem—campaign rallies? Killer.

Of course, the mainstream media is calling out Democrats for their glaring hypocrisy, right? Um, no. In fact, not only are they ignoring it, but they are also getting involved in the moral outrage game.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

Some host on Showtime named Alex Wagner [never heard of him…oh her] was mortified when the announcement was made about the president’s proposed campaign rally in Tulsa, tweeting:

“Someone should tell him there’s a pandemic spreading across the United States.”

This faux outrage came just a few days after she gushed about Sen. Elizabeth Warren joining protests in Washington, D.C., saying:

“Can’t stop won’t stop!”

Ah, got it. Can’t stop, won’t stop trying to destroy America.

Former Hillary Clinton partisan and Democratic strategist Adam Pahkhomenko was an active participants in the DC “protests,” organizing things such as lunch, water, and other supplies where he had encouraged “a million” people to come and join in the festivities. Trump rally? Bad Trump!

“A thousand Americans are dying a day from the pandemic, and the president of the United States is ignoring it.”

Probably the biggest fraud came from some dude named Daniel Uhfelder. Don’t remember him? Neither did we. He is apparently an attorney from Florida, who went to Florida and harassed beachgoers while wearing a Grim Reaper costume, while harassing those rascally social distancing scofflaws by arming himself with body bags.

So serious was he about the coronavirus spreading like wildfire, he apparently took his acts to other parts of the Sunshine State as well.

However, that didn’t stop Mr. Grim Reaper from joining in on the fun and damage of protests. On June 7, he posted a tweet in which he said:

“500 folks showed up today in small North Florida country to protest for social justice. Even with pouring rain. This was one of the best counties for trump in 2016. Keep up the fight. Don’t stop. Keep your foot on the pedal. We can do this!!” 

So once again, beaches bad…protests good. 

One thing that we have learned is that COVID-19 is the smartest virus ever known to man.

It can differentiate between 10 people at a gym and 10 people at a press conference.

It can differentiate between a couple thousand people on a beach and 10,000 at a riot, um protest.

It knows that you can get within six feet of someone while both are wearing a mask, but if you go five feet 10 inches, you’ll get deathly ill and die.

It will kill you in Kohl’s but spare you in Target.

It can also differentiate between people protesting to exercise their constitutional rights (bad) and protesting because of some bogus grievance called systemic racism (good).

You can’t stand in line to vote, but you can stand in line to throw bricks at police. We get it.

What has been proven is that we have been played. While we were originally told that we needed to “stay home” for 14 days, that has turned into over three months of draconian orders, issued by power mad governors who are circumventing the principles upon which our government was founded—the consent of the governed.

When the inevitable spike in COVID cases comes, you can rest assured that Democrats, Hollywood liberals, and a complicit media will put the blame on red state governors such as DeSantis and Abbott, while ignoring the large-scale protests and riots that occurred overwhelmingly in blue cities.

And of course, they will blame President Trump, who unlike his likely November opponent is out actually trying to do something instead of hiding in his basement like some Gen Z snowflake waiting for mom to fetch him a mocha soy latte from Starbucks and some Hot Pockets.

When that happens, it will be important to remind these people that by not only allowing but encouraging their radical constituencies to go out and wreak havoc, the man behind the curtain was exposed, just like the Wizard of Oz.

We were all played…and now everyone knows it.

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