Former police chief: If liberal Democrats are accusing conservative Republicans of something, they are the ones probably doing it


The following editorial is written by a retired police officer and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today

USA- The definition of projection: the presentation or promotion of someone or something in a particular way;

According to Sigmund Freud, projection is a defense mechanism whereby a person projects their own unwanted motivations, desires, fears, feelings and opinions onto someone else; in other words, if everyone else feels and acts with the same fears and emotions that I have then there can be nothing wrong with me.

An op-ed in the Western Journal got me to thinking. Why is it that liberal Democrats always try to accuse conservative Republicans of doing the very thing they themselves are doing?

Projection. This, as the author of the op-ed noted, is straight out of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” This tactic takes an issue and frames it in a way that makes opposing views appear to be radical.  This protects one’s own views which are in fact the radical view.

Let’s take a look at some issues that Democrats like to frame as Republican “ideals” or “beliefs,” or ideas attributed to conservative Republicans.

For example, leftists accuse conservatives of being violent extremists. This was in full view the past seven or eight months, where violent riots were framed as “peaceful protests” while the blame was laid on “far-right extremists.” Projection.

In St. Louis, a couple, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, were in their home, on private property when a group of not-so-peaceful protesters broke down a gate and threatened them.

When they took to arms to defend themselves, they were portrayed as “right-wing gun nuts” and ended up being indicted by a grand jury in St. Louis on multiple felonies. Yet, in the same city, violent rioters had their charges dismissed by a leftist district attorney bought and paid for with George Soros’ money.


In Kenosha, Wisconsin, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse was violently attacked, chased down, and knocked to the ground by a leftist mob. In fear for his life, Rittenhouse fired his AR-15 and ended up killing two and wounding one.

The injured party had actually pulled a firearm and was going to shoot Rittenhouse in the head when he was shot. Another had assaulted Rittenhouse with a skateboard, clearly, a deadly weapon in the manner it was used. Yet, it was Rittenhouse who was charged with homicide and assault. Projection.

Liberals have accused conservatives of being intolerant bigots, however who actually acts in that manner?

For example, more than one Democrat has suggested using “Trump Accountability” commissions, which would basically be a modern-day version of the Nuremberg Trials.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and former Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert B. Reich, have actually made that suggestion.

In fact, one member of the Democratic National Committee, David Atkins has openly suggested that 75 million Trump supporters require “deprogramming.”

Atkins’ proposal is interesting because Democrats and liberals like to consider themselves “tolerant” and “diverse.” That tolerance and diversity, however, does not include those with whom they disagree.

Atkins does not suggest how those 75 million Trump supporters would be “deprogrammed .” However, if we were to use history as a guide, is it out of the realm of possibility, with how off the rails liberal Democrats are, that it could include some form of refugee or concentration camps?

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All of this simply because those people disagree politically. Yet, here they call President Trump a Nazi, when it is they themselves who act like it.

Look at Antifa…or Anti-fascist. A portion of the definition of fascism is “a political philosophy, movement or regime… that stands for…forcible suppression of opposition.”

So, if we look at Portland, or Seattle, or Washington, D.C., who exactly is it forcing suppression of opposition? Trump supporters? Or Antifa? I think we know the answer.

Much of projection stems, the op-ed wrote, from powerful emotions. Much of these emotions coming from people who are having difficulty distinguishing between thoughts, feelings and actions. Many people get confused, wondering that if they have such evil, hateful thoughts, does that therefore make them evil as well?

Well, the easiest defense mechanism to deflect such thoughts is projection…taking those thoughts and feelings and transferring them to another group. It’s almost like the old adage that when you’re pointing a finger at someone else, you have three pointing back to you. Yet, you only concentrate on the one pointing in the other direction.

Is this always a conscious decision? Sometimes not.

Look at the current election mess. In 2016, Democrats refused to accept the results of the election, blaming Clinton’s loss on “Russia collusion” when there was zero evidence that was the case. None.

Yet, this year, when there are a lot of questionable matters going on which appear to indicate some basis of fraud, Democrats, their minions in the media, and social media tech tyrants are attempting to suppress all questions of fraud. They blame Republicans for trying to “steal the election” when all indications are it was potential fraud by Democrat-run states that is creating questions about the process.

Another area where liberals use projection is where it concerns children. Nobody attempts to use children as pawns more than Democrats. Last year, Democrats were circulating pictures of “children in cages,” alleging that kids at the border were being “caged by the Trump administration!”

A simple internet search, however, showed that those pictures were in fact taken during the Obama administration. Despite that, the narrative continued among Democrats and their sycophants in the media.

Meanwhile, Democrats are the party of abortion, advocating the murder of millions of children a year. That doesn’t matter thought because they’re playing to their base. They also refuse to support charter schools in our inner cities, where failing public schools are selling our kids short.

Atkins leveled other charges against Trump supporters, making the claim they are in “a death cult against reality & basic decency.”

Cult. The author of the op-ed speaks about a previous article he authored about the comparisons between liberalism and cults.

Cults, he said feed off of collectivism and groupthink. This is why, he says that the have to demonize dissent, individuality and personal responsibility.

Liberals like to lecture conservatives, calling the Republican party the party of “hate.” Remember, when someone’s pointing a finger at you, three of their own are pointing back at them. In other words, when Democrats and liberals are accusing you of hate, it is they themselves who are portraying that.

Liberals are nothing if not predictable. It is easy to see what they do and listen to what they say and realize that what they are accusing you of doing, is what they are doing themselves. It’s like the instructions on a shampoo bottle…wash, rinse, repeat.

Atkins and people of his ilk should take a long, hard look in the mirror and realize that whatever they are saying about Trump supporters is really their own, suppressed feelings.

At least it sure looks that way.

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