Leftist high school students disrupt, shut down conservative classmates’ event organized with Turning Point USA


LEE SUMMIT, MO – A group of conservative students holding a meeting in their school library Monday were treated to an up close and personal demonstration of the “inclusive” left’s interpretation of the First Amendment.

Students at Lee’s Summit West High School in Missouri were holding their very first, informational meeting to introduce fellow students to conservative organization Turning Point USA and that was just more than the school’s leftist factions could take.

The offended kids shouted down and attempted to intimidate and bully the conservative students until faculty members were forced to pull the plug on the event. Mission accomplished, for the side that screams freedom of speech is a threat to democracy.

Turning Point USA said in a press release:

“TPUSA student activists had chosen to gather in the school library, share their conservative values, and even welcome newcomers to discuss Turning Point USA’s pro-American message of freedom, fiscal responsibility, and limited government.”

Video posted of the incident shows members of the TPUSA chapter calmly seeking to engage the hostile group in discussion. In return, the left-wing protesters shout them down and jeer at them.

The video shows high school junior Kali M., a TPUSA student activist, trying to engage in a discussion with her classmates. But the anti-free speech, anti-conservative students quickly derail the meeting by shouting, jeering and interrupting Kali and others.

Shortly after the event began, an unidentified school official announced the event  was canceled after the left-wing students continued to disrupt the gathering. As students were preparing to leave the library, one of the demonstrators overturned a glass table, shattering it and leaving the TPUSA literature on the floor, covered in broken glass.

In the video, the table is heard off screen shattering as a stunned Kali looks and other students laugh.

Andrew Korvet, a spokesperson for TPUSA spoke with The Daily Caller News Foundation about the incident. He said:

“No student should be threatened or intimidated with violence for being conservative and the administration should make a bold stand to condemn the attack on this club.”

Korvet continued:

“Our brave TPUSA students at Lee’s Summit West High School in the suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri, faced down the left-wing attempts to disrupt, bully, and then destroy school property, all to stop this meeting.

“Despite everything they experienced, they refused to be intimidated, kept their cool, and did everything right. We couldn’t be more proud of them.”

Pete Mundo, a host at KCMO, a talk radio station in Kansas City, Missouri, posted a photo on Twitter that showed an overturned table with TPUSA pamphlets scattered on the floor. Mundo noted that “multiple” teachers have backed out of sponsoring the group because of the incident.

Lee’s Summit West Principal Chad Herzog sent an email to parents that whitewashed the intimidation attempts at the student group’s meeting and failed to mention the shattered table.

He said the event was called off while “a disciplinary issue” was addressed, ignoring the fact that one group of his students was verbally attacked and allowed to be the subjects of a bullying attempt by another group of his students.

In fact, Herzog claimed that the leftist students merely “attended the meeting to voice their concerns over the club” and he made no mention of them jeering and interrupting the speakers. The email said in its entirety:

“Dear Titan Parents and Guardians:

“I wanted to email you to provide you with an accurate accounting of the events that occurred today at Lee’s Summit West. Today during Titan Time, we had a group of students meet in the Library Media Center. In response to the student group meeting, students who opposed this student group meeting gathered in protest both in the LMC and in the courtyard. The students only met in protest during Titan Time and then they returned to class. In addition, students also attended the meeting to voice their concerns over the club and the meeting had to be ended prematurely as the school processed a disciplinary issue. 

“I want you to know that your student’s safety is of the utmost importance. At no time were students in an unsupervised situation today during this event and the majority of our students were very respectful to adults when asked to move to class. If you or your student would like to discuss any of this further, please reach out to any member of the administration team and we would be happy to assist you.”

Conservative student activist Kali M. spoke with TPUSA afterward about the shocking attempt to silence a group that promotes freedom, fiscal responsibility and limited government. She said:

“I feel saddened by the state of some of our student body, that we can’t have different opinions without resorting to name calling, bullying, the destruction of school property, and violence. Some students claim that we are all of these hateful things but the actions today show the truth, that it’s not our group that does anything hateful at all, but we are subjected to it all the time.

“My hope is that we can all come together, have great discussions and leave still as friends, even if we still leave with different opinions. ”


Report: Liberal Yale Law students accosting their conservative classmates through social media after Roe v. Wade leak

May 15, 2022

NEW HAVEN, CT – According to a report from The Washington Free Beacon, since the leaked opinion of the Supreme Court possibly overturning Roe v. Wade, students at Yale Law School have made calls to accost their conservative classmates through “unrelenting daily confrontation” and to toss the Constitution by the wayside.

And the Free Beacon has all the screen shots to show just how aggressive the posts were.

Referring to the law school’s conservative Federalist Society, first year law student, Shyamala Ramakrishna said in an Instagram post:

“The members of YLS fedsoc are conspirators in the Christo-fascist political takeover we all seem to be posting frantically about on Instagram dot com … so why are they still coming to our parties/laughing in the library/roaming these weirdly high school-esque halls with precious few social consequences and without unrelenting daily confrontation?”

Her other classmates, like first-year law student Leah Fessler, wrote on Instagram:

If you’re not ready to hold accountable the people and groups who at this very school produced the men who just took away women’s bodily autonomy, miss me with the commentary. Democratic institutions won’t save us. It’s not time for ‘reform.'”

Yale Law Student Melisa Olgun posted to Instagram:

“Neither the constitution nor the courts — nor the (expletive) illusion of ‘democracy’ —are going to save us … how can we possibly expect a document, drafted by wealthy, white, landowning men, to protect those who face marginalization that is the direct result of the very actions of the founders?”

Olgun continued:

“How can you uphold the validity if an entire legal discipline that is dedicated to upholding and honoring the intentions of the founders — who intentionally did not bother to codify rights for anyone other than themselves … conlaw is not going to save us, liberal ‘reform’ is not going to save us.”


According to the Free Beacon, both Leah and Melisa told the media outlet that they are in no way “authorized” to use their post nor their name in the article.

When contacted by the Free Beacon for comment, the students claimed that there were “leaks” of their social media posts and that the Free Beacon was not “authorized” to publish them. The Free Beacon article said:

“Publishing private Instagram posts, a lawyer might argue, violates intellectual property rights, though Adam Candeub, an intellectual property expert at Michigan State University College of Law, called that argument ‘(expletive)’.”

Candeub said in a statement:

“It’s not clear copyright would even apply. I wonder what they’re teaching at Yale Law School.”

Eugene Volokh, a professor of First Amendment law at UCLA School of Law, said the copyright argument was a stretch. According to the Free Beacon, Jack Balkin, a First Amendment professor at Yale Law School, did not respond to a request for comment.

In March, nearly two-thirds of the student body signed an open letter condemning the Federalist Society for hosting a bipartisan panel on free speech. The letter was reportedly signed by Fessler, Olgun, and Ramakrishna.

The letter also allegedly condemned the law school for calling “armed police” on “peaceful student protesters” who caused chaos during the panel, resulting in the speakers being escorted to a police vehicle outside the building.

According to the Free Beacon, since 1789, more than 4 percent of all federal judges have graduated from Yale Law and alumni of the top-ranked school account for 17 percent of new law professors and three of the Federal Trade Commission’s five commissioners.

In March, D.C. Circuit Judge Laurence Silberman warned his colleagues against hiring this new generation of Yale Law students. He wrote:

“The latest events at Yale Law School prompt me to suggest that students who are identified as those willing to disrupt any such panel discussion should be noted. All federal judges – and all federal judges are presumably committed to free speech – should carefully consider whether any student so identified should be disqualified from potential clerkships.”

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