Leftist Brown University honors cop-killer by purchasing his “artwork” and documents


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PROVIDENCE, RI- Just to think parents pay the “illustrious” Ivy League school Brown University a mere $84,986 in tuition, fees, and room and board…per year.

That equals a mere $339,944 for a four-year gender studies degree.

And what do students get for that? The opportunity to see “artwork” from a convicted cop killer currently serving a life sentence without parole.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that the university came into papers of radical Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal for its “Voices of Mass Incarceration” series. Because clearly, someone who shot and killed a police officer in cold blood is apparently a “victim” and deserves to be celebrated.

In case you’re not familiar, Abu-Jamal, a celebrity among far-left lunatics, shot and killed Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner in 1981 while the officer was arresting his brother.

He was convicted the next year and sentenced to death, although in 2011 far-left Philadelphia prosecutors dropped the death penalty case.

The university of course tucked its tail between its legs when the Washington Free Beacon reached out for comment and instead referred the outlet to the university’s press release.

The paper reports that the collection from the far-left radical killer is included among some 60 boxes of documents which describe his trial and imprisonment, which “gained him global recognition as a face of the movement against the death penalty,” the Associated Press reported.

Because clearly the gutless puke didn’t deserve it for killing an innocent man.

Johanna Fernandez, a far-left activist and 1993 graduate of Brown has advocated for years on behalf of the unrepentant cop killer and contributed additional documents to the collection.

“He is one distinct voice that, like more than two million nameless others, must be studied by future generations that wish to wrap their heads around the Goliath that is America’s prison industrial complex,” the unhinged Fernandez said.

Despite leftist loons like Fernandez buying into Abu-Jamal’s claims of innocence, eyewitness testimony proved that he had murdered Off. Faulkner, who pulled over his brother William Cook for a traffic violation.

Abu-Jamal witnessed the traffic stop and, while working as a cab operator approached the stopped cars, drew a firearm and shot five times, with Faulkner dying immediately from a gunshot wound to the head.

“I shot that motherfucker and I hope he dies,” witnesses testified Abu-Jamal said.

Sounds innocent to us…not.

This past January, Abu-Jamal figured he’d try his hand with the feckless District Attorney Larry Krasner, the progressive George Soros-funded prosecutor who has turned the city’s criminal justice system into a revolving door of criminals being let loose on the streets prior to their arrest report’s ink having a chance to dry.

In response, crime in the city is skyrocketing led by violent felonies and murder.

The gutless killer claimed that evidence discrediting witnesses was not considered by the court, and further prosecutors had sought an all-white jury.

Meanwhile Faulkner’s widow, Maureen has filed a petition to recuse Krasner’s office from taking up the case. Given Krasner’s record of being pro-criminal and anti-criminal justice, who could blame her?

As an alleged “journalist,” Abu-Jamal covered the violent shootout between the black commune MOVE and Philadelphia police, which saw nine members of the radical movement convicted of killing a police officer during the firefight.

The president of the Philadelphia Police Officer’s Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #5, John McNesby told the Free Beacon that the university was merely conducting a “publicity stunt” in purchasing the records, which he said “only revictimizes Maureen [Faulkner] and the entire Faulkner family”

“It’s unconscionable that not one person from the university reached out to Maureen prior to this announcement,” McNesby said. “Convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal should remain in prison for the rest of his life.”


For more on another “woke” university, we travel to Arizona where we reported on a “progressive” university in that state:


The following contains embedded content which is editorial in nature and expresses the opinion of the author.

FLAGSTAFF, AZ- In what even it’s own Diversity Curriculum Committee has referred to as an “unprecedented” move, Northern Arizona University will mandate students take four DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) classes in order to earn a degree, according to The College Fix. It is unknown if they will be required to actually know how to count change back to people or write a term paper.

Scheduled to take effect in 2024, students at the public university, located in Flagstaff will have to select courses from categories of “global diversity,” “indigenous peoples,” “intersectional identities,” and “U.S. ethnic diversity,” according to an internal memo sent from campus administrators. The courses must be grounded in “critical theory,” the university says.

According to John Sailor writing in City Journal, the courses, totaling twelve credits, were approved last October as part of the school’s updated General Studies Program.

“These Diversity Perspective courses must…embrace the philosophical underpinning of identity politics,” wrote Sailor, research associate at the National Association of Scholars.

He noted that according to notes  from the university’s Liberal Studies committee, foreign languages apparently do not qualify for diversity designation, because “they do not incorporate critical theory which the [committee] expects of the courses it approves.”

The institution’s Diversity Strategic Plan was formulated in 2020 and is designed to focus and prioritize “the university’s attention and resources around diversity, inclusion, and a culturally competent environment for all.”

Initially, the scheme involved requiring an increase of just twenty percent of students to take DEI courses, however the requirements approved last October by the Arizona Board of Regents now requires 100% compliance with the requirement among all students.

The College Fix noted that Arizona taxpayers are on the hook for over $132 million annually for the woke Northern Arizona University. They reached out to the university for comment on the new requirement, however none was received.

As is becoming obvious, the inclusion of woke DEI programming is taking precedence over standard college fare of a more “scholarly” and “civic-minded” nature, that is according to Matt Beienburg, director of education policy at the Goldwater Institute in a statement to The College Fix.

“Unfortunately, DEI programming appears to be crowding out more scholarly and civic-minded content throughout higher education around the country, including in Arizona,” he said.

Beienburg notes that such policies are pretty much the norm throughout Arizona state schools, which they say includes an “Orwellian campus reporting apparatus” at the University of Arizona, which he said “encourages students to report each other to university authorities for politically incorrect or ‘biased’ speech.”

“Unless or until the state legislature acts to rein in the universities, they will likely continue requiring students to spend enormous time and money to sit through these courses if they wish to earn a degree,” he said.

Continuing, Beienburg said that state legislators should “look seriously at whether our public funded universities should be allowed to force students into these courses as a precondition of earning a state-issued diploma.”

This past May, Sailor, author of the City Journal piece, published a report for the National Association of Scholars titled, “Educating for Citizenship: A Study.”

That report examines the prevalence of DEI mandates not only at Northern Arizona University, but also at other state schools such as the University of Arizona and Arizona State University.

“Arizona’s universities, through their commitment to DEI, have ‘redefined’ their civic mission through a new ‘lens,’ that of oppression, power, privilege, and narrowly-defined group identity. In other words, they increasingly teach Arizonan college students that American history and government have been and are systemically oppressive, and that they can only fulfill their civic mission by transforming every putatively oppressive aspect of their country’s politics, society, and culture,” Sailor’s report said.

Continuing, he wrote:

“…Arizona’s system of public higher education is undergoing nothing less than a diversity, equity and inclusion revolution,” it states.

This type of indoctrination is not of course limited only to Arizona. But the fact it is finding a foothold in a red state would seem to be rather disturbing.


For more on woke universities, we invite you to read one of our prior pieces:


This article contains editorial content by a staff writer for Law Enforcement Today


SUPERIOR, WI – Free speech for me but not for thee. It could be the motto of every quasher of divergent opinions everywhere, but especially on American university campuses.

Lectures by visiting speakers are supposed to introduce a range of opinions to those seeking knowledge and they used to work just fine not too long ago.

Until a far-left notion that censoring another person’s speech, thoughts and opinions was somehow noble and, in fact, necessary in the defense of democracy.


So when conservative political commentator Matt Walsh was invited to speak at the University of Wisconsin-Superior this past week, students got to work trying to silence him, or at least move his lecture off campus.

Aiding students in their goal to censor another human being were administrators with the university’s Gender Equity Resource Center.

The group held a strategy session, titled “Engaging in Civil Discourse,” during which university administrators and students planned how to protest the event and what to do if the scene turned violent.

Officials and students can be seen on video obtained by Young America’s Foundation, which sponsored the lecture, trying to determine if they could move Walsh’s talk off campus.

As a commentator for the Daily Wire who frequently speaks about hot-button topics such as abortion and gender ideology, Walsh is a target of those on the left who feel his words threaten their existence. One student said during the session:

“This has become one of the most exhausting experiences of my entire life. It is exhausting.”


A speech lasting less than an hour so broke this student’s spirit that he would pay, he said, “thousands of dollars” to go to another school rather than attend a university that would allow Walsh to speak. It has not been determined if the student withdrew from UW-Superior to attend a more liberal place of learning.

Another student at the pre-lecture session could be heard on the video saying the talk would feel less “targeted” if it were held off-campus.

Likely to these and other fragile students’ dismay, the April 27 lecture stayed on-campus and Walsh spoke to a full house. UW-Superior police were on call but only a handful of protesters were observed outside the lecture hall.

In the video, a staff member with the Gender Equity Resource Center asked students if they had any questions about their protest plans and gave tips on conducting a peaceful protest. YAF reported:

“One administrator encourages protestors to ‘sit down’ if there are threats against them, to draw a scene and cause police to come and assist.” 

The student who was emotionally exhausted by Walsh coming to the campus said that while the university does care about marginalized students, it seemed to be going against its own ideals by allowing differing opinions to be said out loud, in public, without shame.

He seemed to equate differing stances on issues with being a practioner of the “-isms” that destroy a person’s professional and personal reputations, justly or unjustly. He said:

“It is exhausting, with racism, homophobia, transphobia, and nobody cares.”

He said that while the university:

“genuinely. . . want[s] to block hatred toward the students here, but these actions reflect that you want hatred. And we will continue feeling marginalized on this campus.” 


Another student agreed, telling the administrators:

“Actions speak louder than words.” 

Another student said they have been “misgendered” and the experience has been “exhausting” and “devastating.”

The shaken student added:

“I would rather just have a safe space.” 

Students started a Change.org petition to persuade UWS administrators to relocate the event off campus.

The petition reads:

It has come to our attention that the University of Wisconsin Superior is hosting extremist, right-wing individual Matt Walsh to come speak on campus. Matt Walsh has repeatedly targeted Transgender individuals, First Nations Communities, women, and other BIPOC individuals.

After consulting with higher ed administration, we have been told that they “cannot do anything” in canceling or relocating the event off of campus due to ‘freedom of speech.’ 

However, we are aware that ‘Freedom of Speech’ does not condone hate speech and does not come without consequences. We are asking folks to sign this petition in support of our goal to move this event off of our campus and to show solidarity with the above-mentioned communities.

The organizers give no examples of “hate speech” uttered by Walsh. The petition collected 188 signatures before it became a moot exercise in censorship.


Triggered by conservative speaker, Yale Law students yell ‘I will literally fight you, b—h’ during bipartisan panel

March 19, 2022

NEW HAVEN, CT – Students at Yale Law School verbally attacked campus speakers discussing bipartisan issues – and now people are outraged.  Officials say 120 law students broke up the event by waving signs and yelling.

Kristen Waggoner from Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) and Monica Miller with the progressive American Humanist Association were on campus to participate in a panel discussion hosted by the Federalist Society.

The event set to take place on March 10 was an attempt to examine how a liberal atheist and a conservative Christian could coexist and have mutual understanding on free speech.

According to the Yale Federalist Society website,

“The Federalist Society at Yale Law School is committed to encouraging open and honest debate on the fundamental legal issues of our day.

We provide a wide range of programs open to our members and to the Yale Law School community, including speakers, debates, and social events.”

However, the Yale Law students were not in agreement with the Federalist Society’s policies or the speakers in attendance.

The panel discussion was meant to lead a peaceful exchange regarding the Supreme Court case, Uzuegbunam v. Preczewski.

The case involved a Georgia Gwinnett College student, Chike Uzuegbunam, who claimed he was prevented from expressing his faith and sharing information about Christianity.

Uzuegbunam was stopped by campus police in 2016 from sharing his faith. He was told to apply for a reservation to speak on a designated “speech zone” on campus.

Justice Clarence Thomas wrote:

“But when Uzuegbunam obtained the required permit and tried to speak in a free speech zone, a campus police officer again asked him to stop, this time saying that people had complained about his speech. 

Campus policy at that time prohibited using the free speech zone to say anything that “disturbs the peace and/or comfort of person(s).”

The officer told Uzuegbunam that his speech violated campus policy because it had led to complaints, and the officer threatened Uzuegbunam with disciplinary action if he continued.”

The moderator of the panel, professor Kate Stith, had to pause the discussion due to one student shouting, “I will literally fight you, b—-!”

The professor was captured in a video scolding the law student saying:

“Come on, grow up… you’re disrupting the free speech here.

The students yelled back, responding that they had the right to interrupt the panel discussion.

According to the Yale University policy of free expression,

“When Yale or its members host outside speakers, they are also generally free to express their views, even if unpopular or controversial.

Dissenting members of the community may protest and express disagreement, but they may not interfere with a speaker’s ability to speak or attendees’ ability to attend, listen and hear.”

Ellen Cosgrove, Yale Law School Associate Dean, who was present during the event, did not intervene regardless of the violation of school policies that was taking place.

Police escorted the speakers safely out of the building.

Yale Daily News reported that a letter was signed by students stating,

“Understandably, a large swath of [Yale Law School] students felt that [the Federalist Society’s] decision to lend legitimacy to this hate group by inviting its general counsel to speak at [Yale Law School] profoundly undermined our community’s values of equity and inclusivity at a time when LGBTQ youth are actively under attack in Texas, Florida, and other states,” 

… Even with all of the privilege afforded to us at YLS, the decision to allow police officers in as a response to the protest put YLS’ queer student body at risk of harm.”

A letter was then sent to the Yale deans regarding the students upset at the police presence saying,

“We urge YLS to change any policies or practices that invite police officers onto our campus in response to peaceful student protests.

We also ask that the administration, in collaboration with students, work to build explicit policy that such a response is unwarranted, regardless of who summons police officers.”

One of the speakers, Waggoner remarked to the Yale Daily News,

 “Future lawyers should have the critical thinking skills, intellectual curiosity, humility, and maturity to engage with ideas and legal principles that they may disagree with.”

“Unfortunately, some students who attended the Federalist Society event refused to allow others to speak and acted in an aggressive and hostile manner towards me, Professor Kate Stith, and Monica Miller from the American Humanist Association.”

In response to these events, Judge Lawrence Silberman of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit said in an email to his colleagues that,

“The latest events at Yale Law School, in which students attempted to shout down speakers participating in a panel discussion on free speech, prompt me to suggest that students who are identified as those willing to disrupt any such panel discussion should be noted.”

While Yale Law students chanted “This is free speech,” they failed to remember that free speech means free speech for all.

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