LeBron James has ‘zero comment’ on sheriff’s challenge to up reward money for catching shooter who ambushed deputies


LOS ANGELES, CA – Earlier in September, we at Law Enforcement Today reported on a challenge of sorts issued by Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva to LeBron James.

Essentially, Sheriff Villanueva posed the challenge for James to contribute toward the reward money for those who can identify the shooter who ambushed two LASD deputies on September 12th.

However, when James was recently asked about the sheriff’s challenge, he stated that he had “zero comment,” on the matter.

Now, considering that James has an estimated net worth of $480 million and earns somewhere around $100 million annually, donating toward a noble fund to reward those who can identify a person who attempted to execute two officers shouldn’t be that big of a monetary setback.

I mean, we’re talking about the same person who donated $100,000 back in July of this year to help pay off fines accrued by ex-convicts in an effort to help them regain their right to vote in Florida.

That donation to Florida Rights Restoration Coalition happens to be the same organizational vehicle that has Mike Bloomberg in some hot water as well.

When Sheriff Villanueva posed a challenge for James to “match that and double that reward” regarding the injured deputies, the reward from the county was $100,000.

So, it’s not like a $100K donation is outside of James’ realm since he’s done it before – and also, he makes on average over $270,000 a day based upon the estimated $100M annual income from all sources.

But, when asked by members of the press on September 22nd about whether he’d entertain the challenge levied by the sheriff, all James had to say was:

“I have zero comment on the sheriff.”

Now, prior to James saying that he had “zero comment” on the sheriff, he did note that he in no way condones any violence toward police officers – which that is good that he said those words:

“I do not condone violence toward anyone. Police, black people, white people, anyone of color, anyone not of color, because that’s not going to ever make this world or America what we want it to be.”

Albeit James did also preface those statements with anecdotal instances where he claims to have witnessed police racially profiling black suspects, but he also noted the commonsense observation of not all police officers are “bad”:

“I’m not saying that all cops are bad because, I actually…throughout high school and things of that nature, and I’m around them all the time, and they’re not all bad.”

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Here’s our original report on when Sheriff Villanueva first issued the challenge to James.


LOS ANGELES, CA– Earlier in September, two Los Angeles County Sheriffs deputies were senselessly ambushed and shot in the head while sitting in their patrol car. 

The country is eager to find the coward who fired on the deputies as he is still at large. Many have offered reward money to help aid in his arrest.

On the John Phillips Show on KABC Radio, LA Sheriff Alex Villanueva said the reward money has reached $175,000, which came as a combination of donations of $100,000 from the county and two separate donations of $25,000 and $50,000 from two private individuals.

While on the show, Sheriff Villanueva wanted to up the ante, so he openly challenged NBA star LeBron James to match and double the reward money being offered for information on the gunman who ambushed and shot the two deputies. 

Villanueva said:

“This challenge is to Lebron James. I want you to match that and double that reward,

“I know you care about law enforcement. You expressed a very interesting statement about your perspective on race relations and on officer-involved shootings and the impact that it has on the African-American community.”

He continued

“And I appreciated that,

“But likewise, we need to appreciate that respect for life goes across all professions.”

LeBron James has been one of the most outspoken celebrity athletes on the topic of racism and justice reform. He never shies away from a chance to call out police for various situations.  After the shooting of Jacob Blake in August, James said Black people in America are “terrified” of police misconduct.

Following a Lakers game, James said:

“I know people get tired of hearing me say it, but we are scared as Black people in America,

“Black men, Black women, Black kids, we are terrified.”

Some of his earlier tweets also showed frustration with police shootings, saying:

“And y’all wonder why we say what we say about the Police!! Someone please tell me WTF is this???!!! Exactly another black man being targeted,

“This s— [sic] is so wrong and so sad!! Feel so sorry for him, his family and OUR PEOPLE!! We want JUSTICE.”

It is not known if James is aware of Villanuena’s challenge. 

Villanuena’s finished by saying:

“Let’s see what he does,” 

“I’ll be very curious to see what his response is, if any.”


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