Leaving the military? Read this before looking for a new job


All too often we see our defenders being overlooked once they return home. We’re proud to introduce you to the group that’s making sure every member of our military gets the help they need to bring their training and special skills to the private sector.  

With over 200,000 service women and men transitioning out of the military each year, veterans are a talent pool that every employer wants to connect with… but doesn’t always know how. Combine that with the existing 18 million veterans, a majority of whom are underemployed, it’s apparent the current hiring process for veterans needs innovation.

Enter: Veterans ASCEND.

Leaving the military? Read this before looking for a new job
Members of the US military have skills that no others possess. This group makes sure that doesn’t get overlooked. (Texas.gov)


Veterans ASCEND eliminates the existing barriers for veterans to connect with employers. Those barriers include being filtered out of applicant tracking systems and misaligned key words, perceived lack of industry experience and misunderstood titles and responsibilities, which is far too common.

How? ASCEND create success for veterans and employers by changing the current methodology of the hiring process. They give employers instant access to the veteran talent pool and bring the employer right to the veteran. No searching. No applying for jobs, as that process frustrates veterans and generates a downward spiral of self-doubt. Veterans are matched to employers and careers that they would not have found or been aware of using any other program.

Green Berets
(Photo Credit: Dave Chace, SWCS Public Affairs Office)


The entire mission is for a veteran to be recognized and hired for their skills, not overlooked, missed or passed on because someone didn’t know how to translate their skills.

Employers can create an unlimited number of job profiles. This allows them to plan and fill positions faster, which equates to more revenue and lower costs. ASCEND instantly lets an employer know when a veteran has the skills they are looking for. Because it’s all about skills, a veteran could match to more than one job profile. This allows the employer to view that veteran’s skills across their organization. 

This program was handcrafted by veterans. One of the founders also has over 30 years in HR and understands recruiting, onboarding and retention. The team’s functionality is seemingly not available in any other program, making it quite special.

For more information visit www.veteransascend.com

Leaving the military? Read this before looking for a new job



Leaving the military? Read this before looking for a new job

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