On Monday, November 4, law enforcement officials and security professionals from around the country and especially those in the metro DC region will have the opportunity to once again attend a free day of training that will give them the knowledge and simulated experience to properly prepare threat assessments and plan diplomatic and executive protection operations.

With the increasing threats to elected officials, candidates for office and other VIPs there is an ever increasing risk of deadly violence directed not only at the principle, but also towards the members of the protective detail. Threats that police and security personnel face on a daily basis and ones that can only be mitigated by having the right training, training that could mean the difference between life and death.

Rep. Steve Scalise and three others including Capitol Police officers of Rep Scalise’s security detail were wounded during a shooting targeting members of congress June 14, 2017.


Matt Parker the Dean of the World Institute of Security Enhancement Protective Studies Department and Director of the Independent Security Advisors Training Division in partnership with the Prince Georges Community College Safety and Security Institute and Municipal Police Academy is providing that training.

The course is fully accredited for LE by the Maryland Police and Corrections Training Commission and by the Law Enforcement training regulatory agencies and departments in Virginia, North & South Carolina, and Georgia POST.

The fully vetted cadre will conduct advanced protective operations training on threat assessments and threat based operational planning that is open to anyone to attend or audit who can make it on the first day of class for no cost. Those wishing to stay can sign up for the entire week.

So what’s in store for those who can attend?

The WISE & ISA team of instructors will be covering the latest information regarding threat assessments, human behavior & triggers, open source intelligence, mitigation planning and daily and emergency operational procedures.

Use of Drones in EP Operations // The Attack Cycle, Surveillance and Terrorism // Dismounted movement formations


With the increase in threats against those we protect law enforcement personnel as well as private security agents need to know exactly what to do when things go bad and students will be placed in scenarios and situations that will stress them mentally and physically.

Additionally, two special guest speakers will be addressing the class. Kyle Reyes is the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today. He’s an entrepreneur, regular contributor on Fox News, and is one of the biggest supporters of law enforcement in the country. He’ll be delivering a keynote address to attendees that you won’t want to miss.

In addition to Mr. Reyes, Stephen Komorek will be sharing his extensive background concerning diplomatic protection and private security expertise. Komorek heads up the U.S. division of Conflict International, a world-renowned private intelligence and investigative firm. Komorek believes wholeheartedly in the ISA team and routinely sends members of his own crew to continue their training.

“At Conflict International we protect some seriously high-network individuals throughout the world. So we need our agents to have the absolute best training they can get. Parker’s team at ISA goes above and beyond to make that happen.”

From close in shooters to excited fans and stalkers, students will be exposed to stress in ways that freezes your brain, locks your body and overwhelms you. But during the eighty hours of training that stress will fade to become noise in the back ground as students learn what “keep it simple” really means.

“GUN” Officers train for an armed assailant during both a red carpet arrival and a visit to a construction site.



Where were you looking officer? It’s too late to cover and run, you’re dead.


How serious is this training? Serious professionals that know what real world training looks like are co-sponsoring this course. 

Red Five Security of Virginia is a co-sponsor, and a company that also sends some of its own agents for training. The Red Five team includes industry leaders in executive protection and security experts with back grounds from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, the U.S. Secret Service and the Departments of State, Defense and Energy.

Just how serious is Red Five about this course? One of their Associate Directors Carl Persons a highly respected and decorated former agent with the US Secret Service will be a guest instructor/evaluator. Mr. Persons was also one of the supporters of the Red Five Veterans Scholarship program established for a Metro DC based veteran to attend this course.

Conflict International is a co-sponsor and an International intelligence, investigation and surveillance agency headquartered in London and in New York.

This fully licensed private investigation agency has an extensive, worldwide network of contacts and sources from law enforcement, the intelligence community, the military, private, public, and the corporate sector. Conflict understands the critical need for training that can save lives and has awarded this program a training grant to cover logistical expenses such as meals for students.


Conflict International is a multi-national intelligence agency made up of the some of the best private investigators in the world.


Stephen Komorek who runs the US operations for Conflict International has been a guest speaker previously and will be a guest speaker again in November. Mr. Komorek feels so strongly about the training in this course his office has sent staff to attend, funded the training grant, and he has spoken publicly encouraging officers to attend.

“In today’s climate, our public and private security officials need any advantage they can get over their opponents. This course covers everything from looking at threat assessments, motorcade vehicle training, footwork, planning security operations, what to look for and so much more,” Komorek said.

Who else supports this program? Private security industry leaders from the Metro DC region.

Samaritan Protective Services a fast growing and well respected Virginia based executive protection and security services company is currently offering this course as a signing bonus to select new employees.

How serious does Samaritan take EP training? Mr. Brandon Shafikhani, a U.S. Army Combat Veteran who founded SPS in 2015 and serves as the Executive Director has personally vetted this program and has sponsored special events and conducted an industry related seminar for students of the ISA EP course hosted by the Anne Arundel Police Academy.

With extensive experience in risk management, domestic & global protective operations and intelligence Mr.Shafikhani is a professional protection specialist who has led close protection operations for Fortune 100 executives, royals, international diplomats and high net-worth private individuals and families globally earning the trust of clients worldwide. Do you think an U.S. Army combat veteran takes training lightly?

Many departments, especially during a national election cycle, conduct protective assignments for visiting political candidates as well as to protect their own Governors, Mayors and other elected officials.

 But there is no federal or national standard for EP training and no magic pot of training funds, so having an opportunity to attend a program vetted and approved by the World institute of Security Enhancement and several LE accreditation or approval agencies and departments should be an opportunity departments take advantage of.  

The WISE/ISA Dignitary and Executive Protection Course has been voluntarily built around federal law enforcement training center standards and teaches the standardized techniques, procedures and best practices of the military and federal protective service agencies.

Every class is conducted to the same high standards and uses a standardized training curriculum. And this course is available to police officers and departments in a financially responsible way making the best use of limited funds.

(Conflict International)


But remember the first day of training is available at no cost with prior registration (7 days out) and free seats in these courses may be available.    

 When asked why Conflict International had decided to support this course Mr. Komorek said, “Everyone needs to be a student for their entire lives,” And considering the fact that departments often don’t have the funding for this kind of training, what Matt and ISA are doing is monumental.

“We come to find that a lot of departments are incredibly underfunded,” Komorek said. “This allows these guys to get life-saving training and extra tools in their toolbox that they so desperately need.”

Matt Parker is Dean of the World Institute for Security EnhancementProtective Studies Department, and Director for the ISA Training Division. He and the members of his crew have trained countless professionals both on the public and private side, including members of federal, state, local and campus law enforcement, the U.S. Military and private EP agents.

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