‘Trust me, I may have a law degree, but I think like a criminal:’ Lawyer becomes convicted felon after drug trafficking


PITTSBURGH, PA – A former Pennsylvania lawyer who once bragged that he thought like a criminal is now a convicted felon.

The lawyer got wrapped up in a drug trafficking case by federal authorities.

The former lawyer, Daniel Muessig, was attempting to build a criminal defense business in the Pittsburgh area in 2014.

One of the ways he did so was like most law firms do – paid advertising.  But his advertisement had a twist not commonly seen in criminal defense attorney ads – he claimed to think like a criminal.

In the three and half minute advertisement, Muessig spoke into the camera to explain to potential criminals why he was best fit to defend them in court:

“When you’re charged with a serious criminal offense, you’re facing the fight of your life. You need a lawyer who understands you and understands where you’re coming from.

Trust me, I may have a law degree, but I think like a criminal.”

While this absurd advertisement from Muessig certainly caught people’s attention, the video did not stop there.

Muessig continued:

“A lot of criminal defense attorneys around town are gonna take your money and then blow you off. That’s not me…I make jail visits because I’ll probably be there visiting my friends anyways. I’m the Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney that Pittsburgh criminals hire when they commit crimes…and remember, you keep your trap shut and I’ll keep your trap open.”

Muessig bragged how he would be in the jail visiting his criminal friends but most likely never imagined that one day he would be bunking right next to them.

Seven years later, that is exactly what is happening as he just plead guilty to federal drug trafficking charges.

On November 16th, Muessig appeared in federal court to plead guilty to conspiring with his friends…sorry…other criminals… to distribute hundreds of pounds of marijuana from April through May of 2019. Muessig was not originally charged in the federal crimes until July of this year.

It appears that Muessig had not even been on the radar of the FBI while they were conducting their narcotics investigation which started in 2019.

Initially, the FBI was able to obtain a federal warrant that allowed them to tap the phones of a suspected heroin and cocaine supplier, Chadlin Leavy, for a known gang in the Pittsburgh area.

As federal authorities assigned to the FBI’s Greater Pittsburgh Safe Streets Task Force began going through communications, they intercepted surrounding Leavy.

They learned that in addition to the cocaine and heroin trade, he was also dealing in significant amounts of marijuana. Leavy’s supplier was also identified as Jared Eck and that the supply of marijuana was replenished on Fridays.

Of course, the investigation did not stop there and they were able to track down where the marijuana that Eck received was coming from – a house that was run by Wayne Barker who ran the operation with Muessig.

FBI agents who were surveilling the trap house were on site when a resupply went down between Eck and Leavy on May 24th.

FBI agents watched as Muessig entered into the trap house with a backpack and shortly thereafter another man, identified as Wayne Barker, pulled up to the house in a Jeep. After entering the trap house with a shopping bag, he was seen walking back out to the Jeep and walk back inside with a vacuum sealer.

Later, a Dodge Ram pulled up to the residence and several men unloaded boxes and took them inside the residence. Muessig was seen with another man carrying two boxes out of the residence and placing them in the Dodge Ram.

After the Ram left the area, federal authorities had the vehicle pulled over and made contact with the driver. During their investigation, they were able to search the vehicle and boxes and located $400,000.

Federal authorities then were able to secure a search warrant for the residence and when they made entry they discovered the vacuum sealer, money counter, and a total of 404 pounds of marijuana. Federal authorities believe that the trap house trafficked between 200 and 900 pounds of marijuana.

Leavy was arrested, found guilty, and sentenced for his part in the crimes to five years in prison. Barker and Eck have also pled guilty those who have not been sentenced as of yet.

For his part, Muessig has pled guilty but has not been sentenced as of yet. He is scheduled to learn his fate in March of 2022 and faces a mandatory sentence of five years in prison. Perhaps that will give him more time to catch up with his friends.

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Report: Candidate for Seattle city attorney searched for land to create staging grounds for Antifa to ‘recharge’ and prepare

The following contains editorial content which is the opinion of the author. 

SEATTLE, WA- Seattle and Portland both have their share of wackjobs, but some are simply wackier than others. Such is the case of one Nicole Thomas-Kennedy, a police and prison abolitionist who also supports violent anarchists, including Antifa.

According to the Post MillennialThomas-Kennedy, who is running to be the next city attorney in Seattle, reportedly looked for land on which to create staging grounds for the violent group somewhere between Portland and Seattle.

Last month, Thomas-Kennedy wrote on Twitter:

“I’ve been looking for land in between Seattle and Portland for something like this,” in reference to a tweet by another Antifa supporter whose post she was commenting on, looking for a place to stage riots for the anarchist group.

“I think we are in for the long haul action wise. It would be ideal to have a place in the woods for activists to recharge and stage between the two cities.”

Wait a minute…we thought it was against Twitter’s terms of service to instigate or perpetrate violence on their platform? Jack Dorsey…where are you???!!!???

Members of Antifa, when they are not playing video games and heating hot pockets in their mama’s basement often travel between the two Pacific Northwest hell-holes wreaking havoc on both.

For example, last year many of the so-called “anti-fascist” agitators could be seen attempting to torch the federal courthouse in Portland one night, then within a day or so seen at the CHOP/CHAZ “autonomous zone” in Seattle. Remarkably busy those anarchists.

Thomas-Kennedy, like the whiny gutless liberal she is began deleting the above tweet, along with an estimated several hundred other radical postings once they came under scrutiny due to her campaign.

Among her since-deleted tweets included those supporting arsonists in Kenosha, Wisconsin in the aftermath of the George Floyd death from fentanyl, crystal meth and positional asphyxia.

Prior to her tweets being deleted, supporters of the wacky extremist defended her, saying that retweets of those posts were “fake.” Among  her favorite hashtags found in her Twitter history are anti-police and pro-riots.

In August 2020, Thomas-Kennedy tweeted that Seattle police were “armed thugs,” she showed support for so-called black bloc Antifa thugs, and tweeted that “Property destruction is a moral imperative.” In one of her deleted tweets, she actually praised activists for blocking ambulances. Seems like a charmer.

Further, when Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs set a construction trailer on fire and otherwise damaged a construction site for the new Juvenile Detention Facility, Thomas-Kennedy was overcome with joy, tweeting:

“YAY! Thank you to the heroes that set the Children’s Jail on fire.”

She has also referred to police officers as “serial killers” and referred to someone who attempted to bomb a police station “a hero.”

This unhinged radical has also called for the overthrow of capitalism (guess if elected she’ll work pro bono) and has also advocated for communism while expressing her hatred for the United States.

Clearly a “class act,” she once even made fun of the brutal killing and dismemberment of a single mother by her boyfriend in 2020. In response to a tweet asking if anyone “remember(s) when body parts were found in trash and near Wayward Vegan in 2017/2018…?” to which she replied, “Pretty sure they were actually in recycling bin—Seattle is progressive like that.”

According to her website, Thomas-Kennedy left the public defender’s office in order to work on “pro-bono activist defense work, part-time public defender contract cases, and volunteer with the National Lawyers Guild” during the 2020 Antifa/Black Lives Matter riots, in order to presumably advocate for the violent thug rioters.

Also according to her website, she said she will legalize most crimes while noting that the criminal justice system is “racist and bigoted.” In an interview, she said she wants to eliminate the city attorney’s criminal division and stop prosecuting many different crimes.

In the race for city attorney, two Democrats, former Washington governors Gary Locke and Christine Gregoire have endorsed a Republican, Ann Davidson for city attorney. They slammed Thomas-Kennedy for her promise to cease most misdemeanor prosecutions, as well as for her previous statements.

While the race for city attorney is supposed to be non-partisan, local Democrats are defending the unhinged radical Thomas-Kennedy (let’s face it…there aren’t too many “moderate” Democrats left in this country anyway), slamming the two former governors for endorsing someone across party lines.


Some Seattle residents compare Thomas-Kennedy’s platform to those of another unhinged lunatic, San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, a Soros-planted stooge. Boudin is subject to a recall much as Gov. Gavin Newsom was, with residents tiring of his progressive policies that have turned the once beautiful city into a criminal’s paradise.

Fox News has reported that residents are “fed up” with his far-left “progressive” policies, including reducing funding for jails and his refusal to prosecute repeat offenders. They are also concerned that due to his hands-off approach to crime, the streets have become a haven for open air drug dealing as well as violent crime, which has since spread to the suburbs.

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