Cockfighting is illegal, yet it’s still happening all over the country. Why? Criminals don’t care about laws.


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Why is that?  Well, cockfighting is illegal.  Yet it’s still happening all across the country.  Why?  Because criminals don’t care about laws… and there are already laws on the books not being enforced.

Think about that… and enjoy the read.

Cockfighting is the practice of pitting two roosters in a fight to the death. The specially bred and often drugged with steroids roosters, have either blades or gaffs attached to their legs. They stab and cut each other until one is dead, or one or both are completely incapacitated.

Cockfighting has been outlawed throughout the continental United States by both state and federal laws for well over a decade. In 2019, cockfighting was made illegal in the US Territories. Nevertheless, cockfighting still occurs widely throughout the United States and the territories.

There are multiple reasons for the continuation of cruel, illegal cockfighting.

Once the law was passed banning the practice, humane organizations did little see to it the laws were enforced. We have also found that in some areas, cockfighting is considered to be part of local heritage.

In some cases, law enforcement personnel have been actively involved in cockfighting as participants or spectators.

There are many reasons why laws against cockfighting must be enforced. A 2019 Civil Grand Jury in Monterey County, California issued a report titled: Monterey County’s Unenforced Rooster Keeping Ordinance.

The report studied the reasons why an ordinance designed to impede the raising of fighting roosters wasn’t being enforced. Since the central focus of the ordinance is cockfighting, the report made some important findings.

Specific to cockfighting, the report states:

While not the focus of our investigation, cockfighting is a magnet for prostitution, gambling, illegal drugs, firearms activity, and organized crime.

While this list alone should grab the attention of any law enforcement professional, there is more to consider. Cockfighting poses numerous public health threats, including the possible spread of avian zoonotic diseases, including Virulent Newcastle Disease.

In addition to criminal activities, cockfighting can impact public health. While commercial fowl operations generally take measures to control the spread of disease, cockfighters involved in illegal behavior move animals within and between states without these safeguards, and this poses a significant threat to public health.

Finally, there are few masks to be found at a cockfight. During the Covid-19 pandemic, cockfighting may prove to be an efficient conduit to spread disease among humans.

Cockfight participants and spectators typically come from numerous states, are in very close, tight quarters indoors for hours, and then disperse in all directions. During this time of Covid-19, every cockfight should be considered a super-spreader event.

Illinois-based Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK), in partnership with California-based Humane Farming Association (HFA), is focused on ending cockfighting. We are actively searching out and exposing cockfight locations nationwide. We have conducted undercover investigations, and used drones to document relevant properties.

SHARK has received tips about cockfighting locations from local residents concerned not only about the cruelty, but also that drug dealing at cockfights is destroying their communities. The time of tolerating or ignoring cockfighting is at an end.

SHARK and HFA stand ready to work with and assist law enforcement to stop an activity that is not just cruel to animals, but also poses significant criminal and health risks.

We will be contacting law enforcement professionals in places where cockfighting (or dogfighting) is ongoing, and if requested, we will be happy to assist law enforcement (i.e. drone investigations).

Steve Hindi is the Founder and President of Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK). He is also a licensed private pilot and certified drone pilot. SHARK ( is a national animal protection organization founded in

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Animal rights lawyer arrested for hiring hitman to kill her husband’s girlfriend (and forgot to clear her browser)

February 10, 2021

JEFFERSON COUNTY, CO – A relatively well-known animal rights attorney and media personality based out of Colorado was said to have been arrested for allegedly hiring a hitman to kill her husband’s girlfriend.

This alleged murder for hire plot was said to have been put into motion after the suspect and her husband had been separated and were actively going through divorce proceedings.


According to reports, 43-year-old Jennifer Emmi was recently arrested for allegedly trying to hire a hitman to murder her estranged husband’s new girlfriend.

Apparently, Emmi had attracted the attention of law enforcement after she allegedly asked a ranch hand on her Evergreen ranch to help “take care” of her husband’s girlfriend.

Emmi seems to be rather well known within Colorado, having founded The Animal Law Center and frequenting various local media outlets for interviews on topics related to issues pertaining to animals.

On top of that, Emmi also reportedly hosted a show on Facebook where the focus was – once again – on animals.

Yet, the case lodged against Emmi alleges that behind her endeavors on the behalf of animals – she was reportedly trying to find a way to kill her husband’s newfound love.

The suspect was said to have asked her ranch hand, “if he knew anyone who could help get rid of her (the girlfriend). Nobody will miss her,” according to the arrest affidavit.

This ranch hand had reportedly reached out to police at some point, relaying details from shared conversations allegedly held between himself and Emmi. The informant claimed that he and Emmi discussed that the hit might cost around $100,000.

Jennifer Emmi mugshot
Jennifer Emmi – Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

According to what this informant told authorities, “Jennifer responded that the money would not be a problem,” when it comes to funding the purported murder for hire plot.

Investigators were said to have accessed Emmi’s computer during the investigation, noting that they’d found evidence that she’d been searching online for a means on, “how to get rid of the other woman for good.”

Emmi’s attorney, Colin Bresee, wouldn’t afford many comments on the pending case, only noting that the allegations are “serious” and then went on to essentially criticize the suspect’s husband for pursuing a new relationship in the fallout of their marriage:

“This is a very serious allegation against Jennifer Emmi. It looked like the model family and all of a sudden her husband trades her in for a younger girl. She was irate.”

With Emmi facing 16 different charges between this latest case and four other separate cases, Emmi is proclaiming that she was somehow “set up”:

“I’ve always fought for the underdog and now I’m the underdog. That’s what this boils down to. I really do feel like I’m in some kind of nightmare TV show. This whole thing has just been a ridiculous course of events.”

Emmi says that following a brain bleed and later being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and several other health problems, that somehow “steroids” caused her to say things she normally wouldn’t have said:

“I was struggling with the autoimmune and I said and did things that I can’t believe came out of my mouth, because of the steroids.”

“I was set up, and I have been repeatedly set up. All I can say is I want the truth to come out. The whole thing is crazy. I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

When characterizing the case in its entirety, Emmi stated that, “things happened, but not anything that’s in the report. I don’t want anyone injured.”

The suspect is currently being housed at the Jefferson County Jail and has had her bond set as being cash-only for $3 million. Court records show that she’s slated for her next court appearance on February 26th.


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