Law Man LEO Tribute


I wrote it to help myself deal with some of this adversity we have all been dealing with. Watching all these LEO’s die standing for something that I believe so strongly in has been hard to stomach. Not to mention all the misplaced hate from the public they died to protect.

I wrote the song to lift myself up in those times and remind myself to get up dust off and guard the gate. Not just for me but for my fallen brothers who stood up and did something honorable in their last moments. I hope some other LEO’s out there can get something from it too and maybe open an eye in the public who doesn’t understand.

I’ve been in Law Enforcement for 6 years now and I served in the Marines prior to that. I stood the line during the Baltimore riots, and I continue to work as a patrol officer. I love being a Police Officer, I consider us all family and couldn’t be more honored to be part of the Blue.

          Be safe brother,
                       Will Costello

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