Law Enforcement’s Christmas Miracle Following Double MurderLate last night, Richmond, Virginia police tweeted a miracle message.  Missing Kaiden Burnside, age 2, had been found safe following an Amber Alert and a frantic search for him throughout the area. Kaiden was found abandoned in a stolen SUV on Jennie Scher Road in Richmond.  He was reunited with his frantic mother minutes later. 

Police have apprehended Jamal Louis Clemons.  He is charged with robbery, robbery with a firearm, abduction, and use of a firearm in connection with a felony by a convicted felon.  The stolen SUV had been left running with Kaiden in his car seat in the back.

Police believe the white 2012 GMC Terrain was stolen as a getaway car following the murder of a man and a woman in Richmond’s Church Hill neighborhood.   The couple has not been identified by police, nor has Kaiden’s relationship to them, if any, been made clear.  A Richmond police spokesperson stated that it is not believed that Clemons knew there was a child in the back of the vehicle. 

Richmond Police are hard at work this morning looking for an additional suspect.  An investigation continues.

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