Law Enforcement Today readers are a witty bunch. Yesterday, we compiled a news story regarding a woman involved in a road rage incident with an off-duty police officer in Massachusetts. LET reported the following details:

The off-duty officer told responding police that a woman threw a cigarette from her vehicle and veered toward his automobile on two occasions. She reportedly brandished a “sharp object” while driving. When the vehicles were stopped, he said she removed her shirt and charged his automobile on foot. The topless woman ran toward him while holding a knife, according to the report.

The woman was arrested and booked on a slew of charges. Law Enforcement Today readers often make hilarious comments. But after posting the article on Facebook, a few of you made remarks that we thought were noteworthy:

  • Karen Welch: Underwires make me cranky too, sometimes….. *smacks forehead*
  • Dave Harker: hmm, intersting, strip, then rush a cop with a knife! LMAO
  • Frank Sigona: Takes tit for tat a bit too literal.
  • Ken Meadors: BUSTED
  • Peter Joseph McCreery: a liberal transgender male protesting?
  • Gary W. Tucker: How did he notice the knife?

As always, we appreciate your participation and humor! Stay safe!

(Photo courtesy James Neal)