Law Enforcement Today and C.O.P.S. Join Forces for Pro-Law Enforcement Event

Law Enforcement Today is excited to announce that we are partnering with Concerns of Police Survivors, better known as C.O.P.S., for a major police meet up and law enforcement event in Chicago during the month of November.

Every officer is forced to endure acts of crisis and tragedy day after day. This conference will focus on the much-needed proactive approach for increased wellness and mental stability for an officer as we continue to fight against officer suicide.

join forces

(Law Enforcement Today)

Founder of LET Robert Greenberg and National Spokesperson Kyle Reyes will be doing a meet and greet during the three days, as well as filming with members of law enforcement for new episodes of Behind the Uniforms, a show helping the rest of the world understand that emergency responders are human, just like anyone else.

All active-duty and retired officers across the country are encouraged to register and attend the 3-day conference in Chicago, as well as peer supporters, counselors, police chaplains and law enforcement spouses as well.

The event goes from November 9 – 11. Click here for more information on how you can attend!

– LET Staff