Law enforcement rallies against healthcare exec who suggested cops were racist killers


For the second time in 2 weeks, supporters of law enforcement are rallying for the truth.

A major healthcare executive kept her job after she made a racially charged comment on Facebook suggesting that cops are racist killers. The RWJBarnabas Health Network has still refused to issue a statement condemning the incident.

Now, on Monday, November 5th, law enforcement group Brothers Before Others is joining forces with other supporters to lead another rally outside of the healthcare network’s headquarters in New Jersey.

Their goal?

Bring awareness to the real statistics about police and the use of deadly force.

Law enforcement rallies against healthcare exec who suggested cops were racist killers
Michellene Davis’s comment on armed guards being placed at schools (screenshot – Reddit User FairShouldBeFair)

The groups involved are not calling for Davis to be fired. They are not asking for an apology. They got one, but it never acknowledged the errors in her statement.

All they are asking for is that the record be set straight. How simple would it be to acknowledge the erroneous information and issue a statement about the true facts behind police deadly use of force? Especially coming from a corporation that swears by its close relationship with law enforcement…

But it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

The 2017 FBI report concludes that:

  • Deadly use of force by police is down 70% – a 40-year low.
  • Of the 987 cases of deadly force recorded in 2017, 99.5% of subjects were armed

It appears as though RWJBarnabas is so unwilling to acknowledge the real statistics of the matter that when they were extended the invitation to host a “Coffee with a Cop” event in their lobby in exchange for their condemnation of Michellene Davis’s comment, the offer was not just rejected but completely ignored.

Now, let’s take a closer look at State Senator Bob Menendez. Menendez is a career politician, serving as a New Jersey Senator for the last 12 years. As we near the midterm elections, Menendez has reportedly been more actively engaged in lobbying for endorsements from law enforcement agencies, yet he continues to stay silent on the Davis controversy. How is it that a politician who tells the public about what a great relationship he has with law enforcement continues to ignore the blatant spread of false information?

Law enforcement rallies against healthcare exec who suggested cops were racist killers
Bob Menendez and Michellene Davis pose together for a photo op (courtesy of RWJBarnabas Health)

Looks like Davis and Menendez might be pals.

In fact, when we follow the money trail, we can see that Davis’s donation history shows 2017 contributions of nearly $10,000 to the campaigns of progressive democrat candidates in New Jersey, including Bob Menendez.

Another connection that we see linking these groups together is Essex County Sheriff Armando Fontoura. Keep in mind that Sheriff is an elected position, who has also kept suspiciously quiet on the matter.

When asked about the controversial comment, Fontoura said, “What she said was a mistake, which she recognized,” Fountoura said. “No individual human being is perfect all the time. Let us move forward from this out-of-character incident.”

Digging deeper, we can see that Sheriff Fontoura is seemingly Menendez’s go to guy for photo ops with law enforcement.

Law enforcement rallies against healthcare exec who suggested cops were racist killers
Sheriff Fontoura and Senator Menedez (courtesy of

Is it just a coincidence that Fontoura’ department benefited from a $4.7 million grant from Menendez 2016? You be the judge.

Brothers Before Others commented on the situation, “At this rally, we will once again be calling on RWJ/BH CEO Barry Ostrowsky to recognize Ms. Davis’ statement as baseless and without merit, and to highlight the true statistics in regards to police use of deadly force.”

Those looking to support the march can head to New Jersey on Monday, November 5th from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

RWJ/Barnabas Health

95 Old Short Hills Rd

West Orange, NJ 07052


More information can be found at the Brothers Before Others website.

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