Trista Pearson, a lady from the Fox River Valley and her friends and family are very passionate about appreciating and respecting the Law Enforcement Officers around Northeast Wisconsin.

She demonstrates her respect by presenting them with goodie bags.  Although these bags appear to be simple, they mean a lot to the officer in her community.   “It’s not the contents of the bag, but the message it sends” say the officers.

She has chosen a very noble way of thanking and supporting the officers.  The goodie bags contain lifesavers, reminding the Cops that they truly are and the Smarties candy, to represent their smartness to take those split second decisions, hershey kisses to express her fondness for the officers and not to forget the  mounds bar, to denote how courageous that they really are each and every day.

“Really showing they’re appreciated,” said Trista Pearson. “I really thrive and am passionate about that.”

She has been watching her husband and understands what it takes to be a Police Officer. Her husband works for the Calumet County Sheriff’s Department, and earlier with Appleton police.

Pearson said, “They have a really tough job with everything they do. They go to work and risk their lives and it’s hard.”

Pearson and her friends understand how difficult and dangerous situations that the Police go through each day by risking their own lives and protect the community. Over the past five years, she has made sure to acknowledge and support their services in her own little way.

This round, they made their gesture to over 300 officers, by presenting 250 bags for ten agencies, including Appleton, Fox Valley Metro and Outagamie County.

As this gesture requires a lot of support, her family and friends have come forward to be a part of this noble cause.

Kim Hephner, a friend who helped Pearson quoted,  It was really great to be able to include that many departments, making sure they all know we’re thinking of them every day.” “I think I made like 400 cookies for it, so I was happy to be able to help that way.”

Pearson’s son, Josh had been a special enthusiastic helper and had been a part of this activity delivering these goodie bags.

“He can walk up to them, knowing they’re there to help them,” said Pearson. “They’re positive role models in his life.”

“They’re teaching their kids the right thing — how to grow up and be good community members and be supportive of those who are working to make it a good place,” said Sgt. Lund.

Sgt. David Lund is with Appleton Police and lauds these little activities of the community Volunteers. He said “We know that when we get into this job, it’s not going to be the easiest of jobs,”  “The gift is people are taking time out of their day, putting things together, bringing them to us and sharing with us their support” . It’s this little gestures like goodie bags making all the difference.

Trista Pearson says right now, tensions are high across the country surrounding law enforcement.  “They get a lot of negative feedback,” she said. “So for them to see that there are people out there that do appreciate everything they do, it’s special to me. I just want them to know they are appreciated and everything they do — it’s a good thing.”

Pearson the lady behind this extremely good cause, does not want to give up and says she’ll do this for as long as she can, to let officers know that she supports them for what they are doing. “We really do appreciate everything you do and it doesn’t go unnoticed,” she said.

We would all love to have people like Trista Pearson, her family and friends in our community supporting our law enforcement officers.

Thanks to you ALL.