Something’s wrong. What is it? The only way to know, is to take an HONEST and deep look inside yourself. Then the scary part, is to let someone else look over what you see and feel. You can’t get an answer if there are no questions. And you don’t get the right treatment if there are no answers.

There are SO MANY disorders out there that sometimes it can be hard to differentiate one from another. Most likely, as we become aware that something just isn’t right, we begin searching. We read, compare our symptoms to someone else or worst of all…ignore them. Just how long can you ignore the elephant in the room before the damage is permanent? As First Responders we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We are invincible, we can’t be effected and we are too strong. That’s the problem… We are too strong …for too long.

I am not a doctor. Chances are that neither are you, your family, or friends. But we CAN tell when something is wrong..not quiet right, or odd. There used to be a HUGE stigma attached to the words “mental illness” “disorders”, diagnoses, and labels. There is still some ignorance out there, but most people are realizing.. we are human and these problems are not only out there, but that most of us, actually have one sort of mental disorder . It may be mild or severe. But it’s there. Now it isn’t about someone having a disorder or illness, people just don’t know how to react to them or what to say or do. They are what they are..ILLNESS. And illnesses are very real and CAN be treated, healed, or at least kept under control..

You are out there every day. Seeing the things that shouldn’t be seen. Dealing with the monsters that are all to real…and the damages they inflict. It takes a VERY special person to do what we do. We are the elite. But .. we are human. I am asking you to take a look.. at yourself , a partner or friend. Intervene before it is too late. YOU DESERVE to be happy and healthy. Physically, spiritually and mentally.

Most of us do not realize that the brain is a like a computer. It sorts, files and retrieves information. If we don’t deal with a subject it becomes cloudy and unsure where to store it. So it attempts to sort it out.. usually at night while we sleep…in dreams, when there is no other interferences. When it gets too much that hasn’t been processed..overload. It’s slow, reacts different, and breaks. It is up to you, to clean it, restore it and keep it in good functional order.. We are not computers. We are more. Much much more. We live, we love, we laugh, and cry.We are human, as is everyone else. Many don’t realize, or are afraid to know, if there is something wrong. From ADHD to BiPolar, Anxiety, depression to PTSD (it can be from one event or cumulative). Look into that feeling of ‘somethings wrong”. You have a gut instinct and you use it daily. It is usually right. Don’t loose the most important thing… you. You are worth it. Remember. You may not be all to everyone, but to someone, you are their everything.

Stay healthy, stay focused , stay safe ~Ann