Latino support for Trump in CA jumps 8 points in one month, going from 25% to 33%. In 2016, he had 12%.


CALIFORNIA– Major media outlets are reporting that former Vice President Joe Biden is leading President Trump in the polls. 

What they are not telling you however, is that President Trump is slowly gaining support while Biden’s percentages are dropping in some areas. 

In California, President Donald Trump is gaining support among Latino voters according to one of the most widely-respected polls in the state.

Although Joe Biden is still leading, the latest Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) poll shows that 57% of likely Latino voters in California support Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden, versus 33% who support President Donald Trump, Breitbart reported.

What makes these numbers interesting, is in September, 64% of Latino voters in California said they would vote for Biden and 25% said they would vote for Trump, the Sacramento Bee noted. That is an eight point jump in just one month.

President Trump’s support from Latino voters is almost as high as his support from white voters. 

Additionally, Breitbart reported that Trump’s support among Latinos in California is far higher than it was in 2016, when the October PPIC poll showed that only 12% supported Trump and 71% said they were voting for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The Bee quoted PPIC president Mark Baldassare, who speculated that Trump was doing better because immigration had become less of an issue, he said:

“Approval of Trump also rose, from 27% approval among Latino voters in September to 35% approval this month.

“Mark Baldassare, president of the Public Policy Institute of California, said the “slight gain” in support for Trump among Latino voters could reflect shifting focus on issues, with discussion of immigration less prominent now.

“Immigration had been a front-and-center issue in the (2016) presidential election and over the last few years. It has really not surfaced much in the last month as an issue,”

It is also plausible that some of President Trump’s other political stances are now appealing to Latinos. Unsurprisingly, after the first Presidential debate, which we can all agree was a disaster on both sides, most media outlets claimed Biden as the victor, however Spanish-language television viewers reported in one controversial poll that they thought Trump won.

Biden is currently leading the overall polls, 58% to 32%.

Here is more on the polling numbers that Law Enforcement Today brought you this week.

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LET Unity

We’ve all seen the polls. Left-leaning news outlets gush that Joe Biden is going to beat President Trump in a landslide.

Trump is down 10, 11, 16 points to a man that calls a lid on his campaign most days at 9:00 a.m. We hear that Trump’s tweets “bother” suburban women. We hear that he “didn’t take COVID-19 seriously enough.”

He’s only condemned white supremacy 30 times instead of 40. We’ve heard it all.

Then we look at reality. Unless he’s on a teleprompter, Biden can’t answer simple questions without stumbling and bumbling. Some days he doesn’t remember what office he’s running for. He expects African Americans to vote for him, and if they’re undecided, he tells them “they ain’t black.”

For all the whining about President Trump being rude, or crass, has anyone seen Biden? “You’re a lying, dog-faced pony soldier” he told a young female in Iowa. He challenged another man to do pushups, and referred to him as “fat.” He got in the face of an auto worker who rightly accused Biden of wanting to take away guns.

Then, there are the stories. Corn pop. Attending the University of Delaware, a HBUC. Kids rubbing down the hair on his legs. Graduating at the top of his class in law school. There are scores upon scores of stories. Old Joe has a problem telling the truth.

Biden accuses Trump of being a racist, and ignores his own racist past. Supporting Robert Byrd, who started the KKK in West Virginia. Saying that he didn’t want his kids to “grow up in a racial jungle.”


“Poor kids are just as smart as white kids.”

Barack Obama was the first “clean, articulate black man” out there.

“You cannot go into a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.”

You get the point.

Biden has taken nary a controversial question in any interviews or town halls. Thursday, amid a huge scandal over emails found on a computer belonging to his son, ABC News George Stephanopoulos never asked a question about the contents of the emails, which showed Biden involved in a quid pro quo involving Ukraine. Not one.

Yet, they continually grill President Trump about pretty much everything.

Then there is the enthusiasm gap. When you ask someone why they are voting FOR Joe Biden, they cannot answer you. They can tell you why they’re voting AGAINST President Trump.

Have you actually met someone who is anxious to vote for a man with significant cognitive decline, who always looks and talks angry? Honestly, have you watched the man?

The comparisons to ventriloquist Jeff Dunham’s cranky old man character Walter are not that far-fetched. Biden just comes across as a crabby old man.

Latino support for Trump in CA jumps 8 points in one month, going from 25% to 33%. In 2016, he had 12%.
Joe Biden/ Jeff Dunham’s “Walter” photo: YouTube screenclip

Compare that to the president. Except when he’s being subject to a hit job such as what Chris Wallace and recently Savannah Guthrie pulled on him, he’s usually a pretty cheerful guy. Have you seen this man play a crowd?

His rallies are like rock concerts, with thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of people waiting in line, even pouring rain, for the opportunity to hear him speak.

President Trump has to hold his rallies on airport ramps and hangars to hold the number of people who come to hear him. Biden has a “drive-in” “rally” that has maybe 10 cars there. It’s embarrassing, quite frankly. You almost feel sorry for him.

Have you seen the Trump parades? Hundreds of enthusiastic people driving with Trump paraphernalia on their vehicles, just out there having a good time. How about the boat regattas? Hundreds of boats in places such as Florida, New York, even Massachusetts for God’s sake.

Now, I’ve heard people say, at least in my neck of the woods, that they see more Biden signs than Trump signs, and that may be true. However, first of all, I am in a very blue state. It is hardly unexpected when you live in a liberal la-la land that you would see more signs for a Democrat. With that said, there is probably another explanation.

Some liberals are crazy. Plain and simple.

A Trump sign in your yard, or bumper sticker on your vehicle is an invitation for some angry, left-wing, unhinged loon to take a knife to your tires, smash your windows, or dump acid on the hood (all of which have been done this election cycle, by the way).

Just this past week, a man had his truck torched because he had the audacity to show his support for President Trump.

Then there is the issue of personal safety. Put a Trump sign or flag up on your house and it’s an invitation to get your house egged, have protesters show up at your door, or have your family harassed. For some, it is simply not worth the risk to their families.

Time was in this country, you could have a difference of opinion and people would respect that. Now, people have actually lost their jobs for supporting a particular point of view, usually a conservative one.

People are, in a word, unhinged. That likely explains why you do not see a lot of visible support for President Trump, at least where I live.

Polls? I remember 2016 and what happened with the polls. They were wrong…dead wrong. Oh yes, I know…” but Hillary won the popular vote.” Sorry, our system doesn’t care who is the most popular in California and New York.

Why would anyone want two or three states to decide for the rest of the country who the president is for the entire country? Our system was set up for a reason and it has worked spectacularly for nearly 250 years.

President Trump’s approval currently stands at 51%. No incumbent president with an approval number that high has lost their election…ever. Could history change this year? Perhaps. But it just “feels” like Biden isn’t winning right now.

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