SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The highly publicized 420-mile run of two Los Angeles police officers ended Monday night. LAPD Officers Joe Cirrito and Kristina Tudor finished the phenomenal accomplishment.

Cirrito and Tudor left the police academy in Los Angeles November 27 to much fanfare. Running in their class uniform they pounded the streets and highways for the next nine days until they reached their destination, alternating with one another over stretches of the journey.

The distance of 420 miles over nine days meant an average of just over 46 miles per day between the two runners, or nearly a marathon per day for each athlete.

The two were not simply running for their health, or notoriety, but for their fallen brothers and sisters in blue. They completed their Project Endure run in front of the California Peace Officers’ Memorial in the state capitol. Celebrating their accomplishment was a trail of police and fire vehicles. Along the way, officers from local police agencies and correctional facilities joined them, reported the Sacramento Bee.

Project Endure is a volunteer project by nonprofit Bluecoat Music Inc., which is dedicated to raising awareness about fallen officers, according to a GoFundMe page set up to help defray safety costs associated with the run. As of Tuesday, the page had collected $26,851, surpassing the goal of $25,000.

Cirrito and Tudor dedicated their run and fundraising to police who have fallen in the line of duty. Funds raised are being donated to groups called Concerns of Police Survivors and the Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation.

Graphic done by Rose Borisow GraFX