Chris Hughes is a loving son.  He calls his elderly mother Cleo, age 79, on a daily basis to check on her and see how she is doing.  He is her only son.  He goes to work every day and makes sure she has groceries in her house.  He stops by often and is very close to his mother.

Sunday he called her and didn’t get an answer.  She didn’t return his calls either.  He went to her house to check on her at about noon as he was concerned.  Much to his shock, he found her dead.  She had been shot in the chest. He last saw her Saturday according to Cleon Joseph, a spokesman for the LAPD.

Chris is also an LAPD officer.  He is assigned to the training academy as an instructor.  He called his department.  Many of the officers that showed up at the scene were his co-workers and fellow officers, many of them had been his students.

He knew what they had to do… but still, he is grief stricken.  Many of his co-workers wanted to get him away from the scene, but he refused.  He wanted to stay until the coroner took his mother’s body to the morgue.

Cleo Hughes lived alone in the 1600 block of 66th Street in her south Los Angeles home.  Neighbors state that she was a loving and kind lady as was her son.

Neighbors also state there were bars on the windows and doors for protection.  She wouldn’t open the door to a stranger, so they speculate that the suspect has to be someone she knew.

The initial investigation was completed Monday morning.  No suspect information or motive is known at this time. 

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