LAKELAND, Fla. – The Lakeland Police Department in Florida received a call of an “unwanted guest” at a local power plant. This type of call is not unusual, except when the intruder is poisonous.

Sunday night they received a call of a rattlesnake curled beneath a stairway. Officer Scott Wisneski apparently has extensive experience dealing with snakes and exotic animals. So they called the off-duty officer to the scene.

Wisneski successfully removed the female rattler without injury to her or others. The snake was taken to a local handler, with aspirations they can get her to a venomous snake farm where she can be used to help create anti-venom.

The police agency posted the following information on their Facebook page along with a video showing the daring removal.


Last night our 911 team received a call of an unwanted guest at the My Lakeland Electric McIntosh Power Plant. A female suspect nestled under a stairway, just under 5ft tall and considered dangerous.

Our team knew the perfect Officer for the job. Off-duty Officer Scott Wisneski responded to the scene with grasping tongs in hand. When he arrived, he found the suspect, a very healthy rattlesnake, still curled up in the same location. With one calm and steady move of the tongs he lifted the snake and secured her in a container to remove her from the plant.

Wisneski then called a local handler, permitted for venomous animals, to see if they could accept the snake; which they did. The hope is to send the snake to a venomous snake farm where she can be used for creating anti-venom. “She might be able to help save someone else’s life one day,” said Wisneski.

This is not the first call of this type for Officer Wisneski. He has extensive experience with snakes and other exotic animals. Over the years, Wisneski has been happy to assist with reptile removal from inside homes and businesses. “It’s not something you typically associate with the police department, but if we can assist we do,” said Wisneski.

A few months ago Law Enforcement Today published an article titled, “7 Vocations Routinely Performed by Police Officers.” It looks like we’ll need to add Department of Fish and Wildlife to the list.

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