When you said I do, you became a Lady of Blue.

When you said yes, did you know what you were getting into? When you fell in love, did you realize what stood before you? Lady of Blue, were you prepared for the long days and nights? Were you prepared for the struggles and fights?

Lady of Blue, were you prepared for the unknowns?

Or were you even prepared for the mourns?

Lady of Blue, as the days, months and years go by you seem to understand my frustrations and cries.

Lady of Blue, you kiss me and hug me each day that goes by

As if it was for the last time.

Lady of Blue, if God shall call on me tonight

Know I’m patrolling the streets of heaven for the present time.

Lady of Blue, I know the sound of a door knock

Or the ring of a phone brings chills through your bones.

Lady of Blue, I can hear your prayers in my head,

As I walk into the unknown not knowing what lies ahead.

Lady of Blue, I feel that I’m failing you

Lady of Blue, I’m a Police Officer and have not much to offer you.

Lady of Blue, you must seem alone as I go forward to protect God’s throne.

Lady of Blue, please know I haven’t abandon nor forsaken you.

Lady of Blue, The Lord God knew what He was doing when He created you.

Lady of Blue, It takes a special someone to be the wife of a man in blue.

My Lady of Blue, thank you for being just you and all that you do.

My Lady of Blue, may God Bless you.

My Lady of Blue, I love you.

By: Lt. Jose Ramirez