ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. – The Ladies Trigger Team from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department competed in the Riverside Emergency Services Team Member Association (RESTMA) shooting competition Saturday.

But they were not shooting for themselves. Their team, along with many others participated in the event to benefit the families of slain Palm Springs officers Lesley Zerebny and Gil Vega.

According to their Facebook page, everyone at the competition signed a thin blue line flag for the PSPD officers, and the Ladies Trigger Team donated more than $500 to the cause. RESTMA also donated all proceeds to the families.

In the featured picture, three members of the shooting team are pictured with the husband and father of Officer Zerebny.

RESTMA is a non-profit organization with the following goals:

To Increase the professionalism and proficiency of the Emergency Services Team, Special Weapons and Tactics Teams, and any other law enforcement emergency services tactical teams within Riverside County. To provide a forum for the exchange of current and relevant issues and information; maintain a secure online Web site; provide and/or sponsor superior training and conference programs; maintain a liaison with SWAT/emergency services tactical teams across the nation; stimulate the research and development of innovative techniques, methods of operation and equipment; provide training assistance and support; and become the largest non-profit tactical organization in Riverside County, California, dedicated exclusively to personnel in all levels of tactical operations for the benefit of increased public safety.

This event represents what it means to be part of the law enforcement family!

Photo Source: Orange Country Sheriff’s Department Facebook Page