LA County sees increase in coronavirus cases after protests. Media outlets blame restaurants and family gatherings. (Op-ed)


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Los Angeles, California – There’s been a recent spike in COVID cases that have cropped up in Los Angeles County in California, which some officials are saying that the protests that took during the month of June likely contributed to the spread.

Of course, other officials and news outlets are wagging their proverbial index finger over the spike at familial gatherings at homes and dining out. 

L.A. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer was among those pointing to protests as a “highly likely” reason as to why COVID has seen a comeback in Los Angeles County. Based upon footage of some of the protests, like the one featured below, it’s hardly surprising one could make such a conclusion.

In the above video, after showcasing thousands of people standing in close proximity (that’s not social distancing…), the video caps with a message that actually says:

“Get up, get out, get active.”

Well, that’s quite the departure from classic hits from March through the end of May that consisted of such phrases as:

  • Stay home, save lives.
  • This is the new normal.
  • Stay the f**** at home.
  • It’s not about you, it’s about those most vulnerable.

A Black Lives Matter rally on June 14th was said to have attracted about 30,000 people, and yet California Governor Gavin Newsom had the audacity to say on June 24th that families hosting play dates for kids or family gatherings were responsible for the increased cases:

“Many of us understandably developed a little cabin fever. Some of us, I would argue, developed a little amnesia. Others have just frankly taken down their guard. People are mixing and that is increasing the spread of the virus.”

Obviously little Timmy’s piñata party or having your family over is what caused Los Angeles County to see more cases.

Even though the state’s contact tracers are saying that new cases might stem from “gatherings among friends and extended family,” that’s still a tough sell for the governor to not explicitly call out multi-thousand gatherings in the streets.

Now, there are concerns that hospital bed capacity could become an issue in areas of California; and outlets like the Los Angeles Times are shaking their proverbial finger at eateries:

“Half of the restaurants visited by county inspectors are not complying with the new rules, and officials have seen examples of overcrowding at public spaces.”

I wonder what a prime example of “overcrowding at public spaces” would look like…maybe it would look a little something like this group of people in Los Angeles on May 30th:

LA County sees increase in coronavirus cases after protests.  Media outlets blame restaurants and family gatherings. (Op-ed)
Protesters gathered in Los Angeles on May 30th, 2020

But certainly, people sitting inside of an Outback Steakhouse at a reduced operating capacity trying to get their hands on a fresh order of Bloomin’ Onions it what has led to a substantial increase in COVID cases.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

Now, it’s certainly logical that COVID has spread by way of certain gatherings outside of protests that transpired throughout late May and the month of June in Los Angeles County.

But what has some people scratching their heads is that many mainstay media outlets and progressive pundits are scrutinizing children’s birthday parties and meals at Applebee’s, while either glossing over or only making a minor citation of the thousands who attended protests and rallies.

You don’t have to be an epidemiologist to find the misappropriated criticisms of certain activities that occurred within the last month when people are examining why COVID had a spike in certain areas.

And yet, you have outlets like Time actually producing headlines such as “Nationwide Protests Haven’t Caused a COVID-19 Spike (So Far.)” – which that was a headline produced on June 30th. 

Ironically, in the very same Time article with such a troubling headline, they noted the following: 

“Many of the demonstrators were young, and thus likely to develop only mild symptoms from COVID-19, if any at all.”

And then the article also pointed out that protests did lead to increased transmission, despite claiming otherwise on the headline: 

“This isn’t to say that the disease didn’t spread at all during the protests. In Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., respectively, several police officers and members of the D.C. National Guard tested positive following the demonstrations.”

Obviously, common sense is on vacation. 

Hopefully it’ll make a return soon. 

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