L.A. teachers’ union calls plan to reopen California schools ‘structurally racist’ (op-ed)


This article contains editorial content written by a current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.


LOS ANGELES, CA – The United Teachers of Los Angeles, the largest teachers’ union in California, has referred to Governor Gavin Newsom’s school reopening plan as, “a recipe for propagating structural racism.”

Just when you thought all avenues of alleged forms of racism have been exhausted – the seemingly cheap term in today’s contextual use and allocation of the word comes right back around the corner to taint the innocuous once again.

This latest instance of alleged racism being touted by the UTLA came from their union president, Cecily Myart-Cruz. Apparently, Governor Newsom has introduced a plan to incentivize schools to reopen within California. 

Basically, Governor Newsom has attached some good, old-fashioned money-motivating measures to get kids back into physical classrooms in California. 

Both Governor Newsom and Democratic leaders within the state are setting aside $6.6 billion for schools to get the ball rolling on getting schools opened before the end of March. 

According to a press release from Governor Newsom’s office, the $6.6 billion for this endeavor would be allocated as follows: 

“Elk Grove Unified and public schools throughout the state will be allocated $6.6 billion under the proposed budget package.”

“$2 billion would fund safety measures to support in-person instruction, such as personal protective equipment, ventilation upgrades and COVID-19 testing. $4.6 billion would fund expanded learning opportunities, such as summer school, tutoring and mental health services.”

But, there’s of course a caveat for schools who don’t act fast, according to the press release. Schools serving kindergarten through 2nd grade students, or schools serving “high-needs” students of all grades, will lose potential funding if they’re not open before April:

“All public schools would be required to offer in-person instruction to grades K-2 for all students and for high-needs students in all grades by the end of the month, losing 1 percent of eligible funds every day thereafter if they do not.”

Seems pretty straight forward, and even across the board. 

But, UTLA president Myart-Cruz says that the governor’s plan is somehow racist…because the teachers’ union doesn’t want to conduct in-person learning in “unsafe conditions”, and now funds are on the chopping block if the schools refuse to open back up: 

“Until we are out of the purple tier, until staff has been given access to vaccines, and until we have robust health and safety measures at each school — such as access to PPE, social distancing, ventilation, and a cleaning regimen — we will not accept an arbitrary date to return to school.”

“If you condition funding on the reopening of schools, that money will only go to white and wealthier and healthier school communities that do not have the transmission rates that low-income Black and Brown communities do,”

“This is a recipe for propagating structural racism and it is deeply unfair to the students we serve.”

For those trying to wrap their heads around this logic, here’s a nifty bullet point presentation of UTLA president Myart-Cruz’s logic on the matter: 

  • California is offering funds to incentivize expedited reopening of schools in the state – with dedicated funds to address pandemic safety measures.
  • The UTLA is refusing to “accept an arbitrary date to return to school” because of pandemic concerns.
  • Myart-Cruz is aware that other schools outside of the UTLA’s vice grip are likely going to be reopened prior to April to access the funding.
  • Myart-Cruz says that’s racist because those school districts might be situated in areas with either wealthier and/or predominantly white residents or lower infection rates of the virus.

Now, what’s all the more dumb in this entire debacle is that the science isn’t even on the side of the UTLA’s concerns over the pandemic. 

The director of the CDC, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, has been saying for the past month that schools can safely reopen without teachers having to be vaccinated

The entire crux of Myart-Cruz’s cries of racism regarding Governor Newsom’s reopening plan is based upon the union refusing to adhere to the reopening date deadline to get ahold of the full funding allocated for reopening. 

Albeit, Los Angeles County is still in the “purple tier” within California…but so are 39 other counties in the state. There are 16 counties in the “red tier” which is right below “purple” and only 2 counties in the “orange tier” as of March 3rd.

But this still doesn’t change the fact that the CDC says that transmission of the virus is nearly non-existent within schools. 

At this point, I can’t tell if teachers’ unions like the UTLA is just run by a group of folks with a collective IQ below room temperature…or they’re simply made up of teachers and advocates who just want to desperately cling to their salaries while continuing working from home. 

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LET Unity

In other stories regarding dumb things race hustlers say, we at Law Enforcement Today recently shared nonsense perpetuated by AOC regarding drone-inspired technology being adopted by the NYPD. 

Just recently, AOC managed to claim that there’s racially insensitive aspects associated with robotic police dogs. 

Here’s that previous editorial.


This article contains editorial content written by a current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.


NEW YORK CITY, NY – In perhaps one of the latest examples of ridiculous scrutiny coming from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she’s now decided to use her platform on Twitter to express outrage over the NYPD’s new robotic dog.

Over the past few months – or years, rather – this author has come to learn a few things about today’s culture and society: 

Nothing is sacred, and just about anything can be contorted into somehow being racist, misogynistic, or generally offensive enough to cause someone to clutch their proverbial pearls and gasp in astonishment. 

And now, even dog-like robots are somehow getting enveloped into the mix.

In AOC’s latest criticism of something innocuous, she set her sights on the NYPD’s robotic dog.

The rationale behind AOC’s criticism first jumps off at how the money used to develop the technology could’ve been spent elsewhere, “like school counseling,” and she managed to intertwine how these robotic dogs, “are being deployed for testing on low-income communities of color with under-resourced schools.”

AOC then wrapped up her criticism of robotic dogs used by police by rhetorically asking the following on Twitter: 

“Please ask yourself: when was the last time you saw next-generation, world class technology for education, healthcare, housing, etc consistently prioritized for underserved communities like this?”

Okay – so, is AOC upset that there aren’t robots in schools or something? I mean, investing in K through 12 education isn’t a bad concept – but what, “next-generation, world class technology” would she want in schools exactly that would be practical?

Public schools across the country already have computer access, with 98% of school in the country having high-speed broadband access via fiber-optic connections

Outside of access to the digital age of technology, it’s hard to foresee what other technological advancements anyone – including AOC – would want in a classroom…except maybe more computers.

Obviously, her mentioning “healthcare” is pretty ridiculous – since healthcare constantly has innovations all over since it is part of the private sector. 

And exactly what kind of, “next-generation, world class technology” would she want for “housing”?

Would she prefer “underserved communities” instead get a mockup of Rosey the Robot from The Jetsons instead of the NYPD having access to drone-inspired technology aimed at preserving life?

Honestly, there’s always going to be debates on what money should be spent where across the political aisle, by both Democrats and Conservatives alike.

But, one of the major differences between the two political parties are the manner in which party pundits and constituents are offended by certain topics and prioritized spending. 

With proponents on the left, there’s always something that can be coined as potentially racist, homophobic, gender-biased and so on. Hence, the reason why AOC is upset about robotic police dogs. 

Make no mistake though – those on the right of the political spectrum are also guilty of being outraged reactionaries at times over silly things. But that’s a different topic for a different day. 

The fact is that AOC is upset that technology that was developed in the interest of preserving life (the robotic police dog) simply exists and cost money to develop, and she then tied that disdain into both race-baiting rhetoric and the topic of under-funded schools. 

Now, these drone-inspired robotic dogs aren’t exactly cheap, costing about $75K per tech-pup. But when you consider that they can avoid people (namely police officers) from getting shot – you have a cost saving measure packed in there as well. 

The reason being is that, on average, it costs roughly $154K in medical costs to treat the victim of a gunshot wound – and about $12K per stabbing victim. 

So, in a sense, these robotic dogs aren’t just great at preserving life, they also help avoid medical costs/expenses. 

Seems like a win-win to me. 


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