What kind of sheepdog are you?


Cops are affectionately referred to as sheepdogs since we watch over the flock (citizens) and do our best to protect them from wolves (crooks).

Recently, I conducted a Google search seeking an image for a sheepdog to include in an article. While scanning the options, my mind quickly began to label each canine with a specific law enforcement job function depending upon the action of the dog in each photo, coupled with my imagination.

As a result, I’d like to invite you to have a little fun with me. I’ll label the dogs as I imagine them to portray a certain element of police work. See where your imagination takes you.

The canines pictured below include a variety of breeds. Naturally, there are sheepdogs, but also border collies, shelties, a German shepherd, a Belgian sheepdog, a Belgian malinois, and Romanian shepherds in the mix. However, for the purpose of this article, I will simply refer to each one as a sheepdog; after all, police officers come in different colors, shapes and sizes, yet if we wear a badge and are sworn to uphold the law, we are all sheepdogs!

Do you have your imagination cap on? Here we go … 

Patrol Officer –Driving Code 3

Sheltie (Flickr)

 A sheepdog driving with lights and siren is sure to get the adrenaline pumping.

Motor Officer

Border Collie (Max Pixel)

 A sheepdog motor officer loves showing off its skills in motor-rodeo competition.


Shetland (Public domain)

As you can see, this sheepdog is tethered to a leash, so you know it’s still in training. 

Watch Commander

Border Collie (PxHere)

This sheepdog is calmly providing oversight to other sheepdogs … or as officer-sheepdogs would say, “Standing around doing nothing.”

SWAT Team Member

dog bites
Belgian Malinois (Pixabay)

There is no time for play when the sheepdog SWAT Team member is tasked with going after violent bad guys.

SWAT Sniper

Belgian Sheepdog (Pixabay)

This sheepdog is a SWAT Team sniper. The sniper will don a ghillie suit and remain camouflaged in a field waiting for the green light if necessary to take out the bad guy.

Search and Rescue

Sheepdog (sheepdog.png)

This search and rescue sheepdog found a lost family with no provisions. It will soon lead them to safety.

Bomb Tech

Border Collie (Pixabay)

This bomb tech sheepdog has done some crazy things during training to get its expertise rated superior.

Crowd Control

Romanian Shepherds (Wikipedia commons)

It never hurts to put the biggest sheepdogs at the front of the skirmish line. Unfortunately, sheepdogs used to control crowds and riotous behavior has become all too common in recent years.


Sheepdog (Pixabay)

This sheepdog is always gathering evidence trying to solve a crime.

Detective on Surveillance


A sheepdog may put in long hours working surveillance trying to capture bad guys in action.

Narcotics Officer

Old English Sheepdog (Fickr)

Grooming is a low priority for the sheepdog working undercover narcotics.

Gang Investigator

Sheepdog (Wikipedia commons)

This sheepdog gang investigator just returned from a “butt-chewing” in the chief’s office.

Graveyard Officer

Border Collie (Pexels)

This is what the sheepdog graveyard officer looks like trying to get home after the sun comes up. Everything is so bright!

Patrol Officer-Ready for Pre-Shift Inspection

German Shepherd (Jim McNeff)

Finally, we have the sheepdog patrol officer who works as the backbone of law enforcement. Naturally, we are grateful for cops on the beat.


So, how about your imagination? Did it come close to mine? Furthermore, did you see a friend or relative in this group? If so, let them know.

As always, be safe out there!


Jim McNeff is a freelance writer and former managing editor of Law Enforcement Today. Previous to this he served in law enforcement for 31 years. He retired as a police lieutenant after 28 years with the Fountain Valley Police Department in Orange County, California. Prior to that he served the 3902 Security Police Squadron in the United States Air Force, assigned to the 1st Air Command and Control Squadron at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska.

Jim holds a Bachelor of Science in criminal justice from Southwest University and graduated from the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute as well as the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) course, Leadership in Police Organizations. He’s authored two books, “The Spirit behind Badge 145” and “Justice Revealed.” His third book, “Jurisdiction,” is due to be released in Spring 2019.

Jim has been married to his wife Jamie since 1983. They have three adult children and three grandchildren. You can contact him at [email protected] and learn more about his ministry work at www.badge145.com. You can also follow him on Facebook at “Badge 145 – Trending Truth” or Twitter @jimmcneff.

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