Kim Foxx blames President Trump in Jussie Smollett case. You can’t make this stuff up.


Did we read that right?  And references James Comey?

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx responded to news that an special prosecutor issued new charges against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett, who allegedly faked a hate crime back in January of 2019, by blaming “politics” and the “era of Donald Trump” for her office’s woes.

Say again? 

Kim Foxx took a phone call from Michelle Obama, and after Jussie Smollett set the nation on fire, figuratively and nearly literally with his faked/staged hate crime that blamed two Trump supporters yelling “This is MAGA country!”

Then she mysteriously and rapidly dismissed all his felony charges – after Chicago PD spent hundreds of detective man-hours on the case.

Now she says that not only did Donald Trump cause the original incident, but he somehow caused it to be prosecuted properly now?

This case, if it wasn’t so sad and desperate on the part of Jussie Smollett, would be funny.  Very funny. 

In fact, so funny that comedian Dave Chapelle famously did a long section of his recent stand-up special outlining the case. 

Chapelle explained the ridiculous elements of the case better than anyone had, including the idea that it was 10 degrees below zero, in the middle of a “polar vortex” the night the attack allegedly happened.  Also, two white male Trump supporters wearing red “MAGA” hats were the bad guys in the story – and they called Jussie Smollett out by his character on “Empire.” 

As if two white suburban guys familiar with the show were patrolling the streets of Chicago in the middle of a polar vortex, looking just for this specific young actor so they could pour bleach on him and hang a noose around his neck. 

Dave Chappelle said what everyone else was thinking – the average person in the black community knew it was all an elaborate hoax and lie.

And now embattled state’s attorney Kim Foxx still won’t admit corruption and take responsibility.  She’s doubled-down and blamed the president and “politics.” 

No, ma’am, it was “politics” that got his charges dismissed.

More recently, a special prosecutor was installed and has taken a second look at the case.

Special Prosecutor Dan Webb concluded his investigation and issued the indictment against Smollett late Tuesday, charging the actor with six “low-level felonies”.

This, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, after investigators, rehashing the evidence against Smollett, determined that he likely faked being the victim of a racist, homophobic attack early in the morning of January 19, outside of his apartment in Chicago’s tony Streeterville neighborhood.

Webb’s harshest words, though, weren’t for Smollett, but for Foxx’s office, which he feels gave Smollett special treatment despite the wealth of evidence linking Smollett to a series of crimes.

The Cook County State’s Attorney allowed Smollett to walk free without standing trial, inking an unofficial “plea deal” with the actor that absolved him of the charges in return for sixteen hours of community service and $10,000, which Smollett had already submitted to the city as part of his bond.

The States Attorney’s office claimed the “deal” did not exonerate Smollett, but the actor treated it as evidence of his innocence.

But instead of taking responsibility for the mishap, Foxx lashed out at the prosecutor, accusing him of “James Comey-like” tactics, and suggesting that the new indictment was the responsibility of her political rivals.

“The Cook County State’s Attorney’s office charged Jussie Smollett with multiple counts, and today the Special Prosecutor did the same,” Foxx’s spokeswoman claimed in a statement.

She continued:

“What’s questionable here is the James Comey-like timing of that charging decision, just 35 days before an election, which can only be interpreted as the further politicization of the justice system, something voters in the era of Donald Trump should consider offensive,” Foxx said. 

Her comments were referencing Comey’s eleventh hour decision to resuscitate an investigation into Hillary Clinton and her mishandling of classified information.

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Foxx has made her opposition to Trump a hallmark of her re-election campaign, airing commercials touting her success in “standing up” to the administration on the issue of immigration. But Webb pointed out in his report, her troubles go far beyond a difficult campaign to keep her office.

“In his letter, Webb said his investigators said the state’s attorney’s office was unable to show ‘documentary evidence’ that Smollett’s case was handled like similar low-level felony cases involving non-celebrity defendants, despite public statements from the office that the case was typical,” according to the Sun-Times.

“Webb found that the case against Smollett was strong, and that the state’s attorney’s office provided no documentation that the evidence against Smollett had somehow eroded between his arrest and when the charges were dropped.”

And it’s possible Webb isn’t done with Foxx. According to the special prosecutor’s report, his team hasn’t finished investigating what, exactly, happened with Smollett’s case, and they have reached “no conclusions” on whether there was further wrongdoing on the part of Foxx’s office.

Last year, in a series of FOIA results obtained by various Chicago news outlets, Foxx herself was shown discussing the Smollett’s case over text with a former aide to President Barack Obama, who was communicating with and on behalf of members of Smollett’s family, and that communication could come into play when the special prosecutor’s full report is released.

Smollett, meanwhile, will have to appear in court in Chicago on February 24th. He’s also due to make an appearance, soon, in a separate case related to his alleged hoax hate crime: the city of Chicago is suing Smollett to recover around $130,000 the Chicago Police Department paid out in overtime investigating Smollett’s case.

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