Lamont Pride (someone should require that he change his name if there actually is true justice in this country) the cold-blooded killer of hero NYPD Officer Peter Figoski, was sentenced today in a New York City court room. He received a sentence of 25 years for this brutal murder committed while he was out on bail for another senseless crime.  Officers in the courtroom gasped aloud as the verdict was read.

Figoski, the father for four girls, was one of the officers responsible for bringing the Zodiac Killer to justice.  He had received many departmental citations and decorations.  His ruthless killer shot him during the investigation of a robbery call.  While Figoski’s mother held her hand over her mouth to contain her shock and dismay, James Koenig, Pride’s attorney announced triumphantly that this was “the best case scenario for Lamont.”

When his planned robbery of a drug dealer went bad, Pride and one of his accomplices hid in a boiler room of an apartment building, while the other two would-be robbers pretended to be victims.  When Officer Figoski checked the boiler room where two of them hid, Pride killed him by shooting him point blank in the face with a 9 mil.  Lamont pride maintains that it was all an accident , that he tripped and fell, causing the gun to fire.

However, if Lamont Pride had chosen a different line of work, say, if he worked at McDonalds and then at Gray’s Papaya part time to make ends meet, Officer Peter Figoski would still be alive to send flowers for Mother’s Day, wouldn’t he?  Twenty five years for the murder of a hero officer just doesn’t seem right to me.

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