Killer arrested: Border Patrol apprehends previously deported man convicted of homicide


EDINBURG, TX – According to a press release from Customs and Border Protection, Border Patrol agents assigned out of the Rio Grande Valley Sector apprehended a Honduran national that was previously deported from the United States following a homicide conviction in Florida.

On September 27th, McAllen Border Patrol Station agents took into custody a group of six migrants south of Mission.

Among the group of six migrants, a records check revealed that one of the migrants was a Honduran national who was convicted of homicide in Miami and was given an 18 month sentence followed by three years of probation with a subsequent deportation.

Later on that same day, DPS had called for assistance from the Rio Grande City Border Patrol Station regarding a vehicle bailout within Rio Grande City.

Border Patrol agents responded to the area DPS referenced in their call, where they observed several individuals fleeing on foot from DPS.

Agents apprehended five migrants, and DPS took the driver into custody, who was later charged with evading arrest and smuggling of persons.

Further investigation into the aforementioned incident yielded intelligence about a suspected migrant stash house within Rio Grande City. Border Patrol agents, Rio Grande City Police officers, and DPS troopers located the suspected stash house, and seven additional migrants were apprehended.

Officials noted that “no principal was identified” regarding the suspected migrant stash house.

Hours following that incident, DPS requested the assistance from the Weslaco Border Patrol Station about another suspected migrant stash house located in Pharr.

RGV Sector Border Patrol agents discover multiple migrants at stash house in Pharr, TX
RGV Sector Border Patrol agents discover multiple migrants at stash house in Pharr, TX

Upon the arrival of Border Patrol agents, 12 additional migrants were apprehended.

Said migrants apprehended at the suspected stash house in Pharr reportedly originated from Mexico, Central America, Peru, and Ecuador. DPS arrested one suspect in that incident believed to be associated with running the stash house and has since been hit with associated charges.

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Former border patrol chief fired by Biden issues dire warning on open border and terrorists sneaking into America

(Originally published September 21st, 2021)

WASHINGTON, DC- A former head of U.S. Border Patrol forced out by Biden earlier this year warned Senate leaders that Biden’s border fiasco is destroying Americans borders and cautioned that America’s enemies may look to exploit the current situation.

Rodney Scott wrote that starting on the very day that Biden was inaugurated on January 20, he witnessed “the unprecedented seismic shift in border security and immigration policy,” which he noted “created the current border crisis,” while warning what is happening at the border is a “serious national security threat,” the Daily Wire reported.

Scott’s letter warned that Biden’s (non) policies caused a “rapid disintegration of what was arguably the most effective border security in our Nation’s history.”

“The Biden administration’s team at DHS is laser-focused on expediting the flow of migrants into the U.S. and downplaying the significant vulnerability this creates for terrorists, narcotics smugglers, human traffickers, and even hostile nations to gain access to our homeland,” the former border chief wrote.

“In my professional assessment, U.S. Border patrol is rapidly losing the situational awareness required to know who and what is entering our Homeland.”

Scott then continued to outline the threats about exactly who may be exploiting Biden’s ineptness on the southern border.

“Low level, unsophisticated and uneducated smugglers are illegally crossing the border and increasingly evading apprehension daily,” Scott warned.

“To think that well-resourced terrorist networks, criminal organizations, and hostile nations are not doing the same is naïve.”

He continued:

“The experienced civil service staff within CBP, ICE, and DHS have provided multiple options to reduce the illegal entries and reestablish some semblance of border security through proven programs and consequences, yet every recommendation has been summarily rejected,” Scott wrote.

“Secretary Mayorkas is choosing to ignore the sound recommendations of career government leadership despite his own admissions that he agrees with them.”

Scott continued warning that the unprecedented illegal entries into the country are being run by high-level drug officials in Mexican drug cartels, in order to create “controllable gaps in border security” which they then exploit to “easily smuggle contraband, criminals, or even potential terrorists into the U.S. at will.

Senators were advised to seek out highly detailed information from the administration and directed them specifically what materials to request regarding how many illegal aliens had been flagged at the border through the Terrorist Screening Database. He said the administration would try to minimize the numbers if they were ever released because of how large they would be.

Scott noted that over 308,000 illegal aliens have been able to evade U.S. Border Patrol agents at the border, which is referred to as “got-aways.”

“As I stated upfront, it is my professional assessment that transnational criminal organizations (TCO), and other more dangerous actors are increasingly exploiting identified border security vulnerabilities,” he added. “The threats are real, and the situation is unsustainable, yet the current administration refuses to take any meaningful action.”

Like most competent officials, Scott was forced out by the Biden administration  earlier this year with no explanation for his termination, a move which led to widespread criticism from Republicans and former administration officials. He was no doubt replaced by a feckless, incompetent bureaucrat who bows to the will of the inept Biden.

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Border county sheriff: Biden team needs “to get in the game” and get off the bench as border collapses

(Originally published September 20th, 2021)

DEL RIO, TX – During a press conference held earlier in September that hosted Mayor Bruno “Ralphy” Lozano and Val Verde County Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez, the Val Verde County sheriff delivered some criticism toward the Biden administration regarding the border crisis.

In the sheriff’s own words, he proclaimed that the Biden administration, “can’t stay sitting on the bench. They need to get in the game” regarding the issues impacting the southern border.

Sheriff Martinez made his appeal to the Biden administration during a press conference held on September 16th while engaging with reports who were asking about the ongoing issues along the southern border.

One of the first things that the Val Verde County sheriff spoke about was the federal agents operating the current encampment established for those illegally crossing into the country:

“We have our agents here, asking them to do a job that none of you would do, and I mean that. They’re stepping up to the plate.”

While the focus of the press conference seemed to highlight the negative impacts along the southern border, Sheriff Martinez was not dismissive toward the plight associated with migrants crossing into the country:

“On the other side of the fence, there are men, women and children, all ages, all conditions, pregnant, with medical issues, whatever they might be. These agents are having to deal with those individuals that are there. There’s a humanitarian piece to it also.

They’re people of God, also, no matter where they come from, but we’re asking our agents to do a job that nobody here would do, and I know for a fact, because I visit with my son, who is a Border Patrol agent.”

Continuing from that point after mentioning his son, Sheriff Martinez expressed the uncertainty that his son and many other Border Patrol agents are facing due to the migrants coming into the country are not being tested for COVID:

“After the conditions that are there, he has to go home to his three kids, as every agent here does. None of these people are tested for anything, for any kind of illness. There are no tests being done for COVID.

That’s another thing that’s not even being considered. So you walk down in there, and by you all being up here, you’re not actually, you don’t get the true meaning of what it is like over there.”

When one reporter asked the sheriff what he tells his son in light of these conditions, Sheriff Martinez said that he tells his son to, “keep his head up high” while acknowledging that he does worry about his son’s wellbeing when asked in a follow up question.

One attendee asked the sheriff if he believes that the cartels are playing a significant role in the flood of migrants crossing into the country, which Sheriff Martinez said he does believe that to be the case:

“You know, in my opinion, I think the cartels are controlling part of it. These people that are here, they’re turning themselves in. The people that I worry about are the people that are going around. I think that’s where the bigger issue is because we don’t know what we don’t know. We don’t know what’s going on beyond these fences.”

Another reporter asked Sheriff Martinez if he’s aware of any plans for DHS to speak with the media about the aforementioned issues, citing the peculiarity of the sheriff and the mayor formally addressing the media prior to DHS.

Sheriff Martinez said in response that he’s not quite sure what DHS is doing, but he and other local officials felt compelled to speak up on the matter due to there being not too many others doing the same:

“I don’t know what DHS’s plan is, long-term. I think our county judge made a statement, and I think it put up a bunch of flags that something needed to be done, so this is a result of that, and something is better than nothing because I’ve talked to people in South Carolina.

I talked to people in Seattle, Washington, and the majority of the country doesn’t know that this is happening on the southern border.

They don’t have a clue, so I hope that you all take this message out and spread it out as far as you can. The administration has to pay attention. They can’t stay sitting on the bench. They need to get in the game.”

When asked a follow up on why he thinks DHS hasn’t held a press conference in Del Rio, Sheriff Martinez said that he couldn’t answer that question – but said the federal government should be the ones in front of this since it’s “a federal issue”:

“I can’t answer for them, and I won’t. Like I said, they need to get in the game because the immigration issue is a federal issue, and we’re here, and I said it this morning and I’ll say it again, I get the feeling, in my opinion, these [Border Patrol agents] feel abandoned. We’re on our own, so I think the rest of the country has to step up also, and they need to get in the game also.”


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