I Won’t Kill Myself


I won’t kill myself . . .

Life is already too short don’t do something you can’t reverse.

What could be so bad that you would do the worst thing possible to yourself?

With so much death, destruction and disease what’s the hurry?

You’re going to be dead soon anyways why not make it count?

Don’t give death the satisfaction of your quitting!

Wow that was living. Two deer walking within 20 yards of where I am sitting in a deer stand. I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest. It’s so amazing how quiet they can be. A great encounter regardless.

We are kind of like the deer, so many things trying to kill us on this planet. You don’t see them trying to commit suicide or getting hooked on drugs and alcohol. They just want to live, eat and make baby deer. I understand we are a far more complicated species but we could learn some things from our wonderful wildlife that we steward. We need to get back to the basic instructions before leaving earth, and leave a planet worth living on.

When someone kills himself or herself the first question is always “why?”

I believe the suicidal person thinks that is their only option. They have not learned in their lives that they can overcome any diversity. Same goes when a person kills another, except for the psychopath, they have no other option.

How sad in our day and age. The incredible technology and advancements in all areas of our lives that we would fall prey to a lack of options.

I think it’s a lack of purpose. If you knew that someone else’s life depended on you I don’t think you could kill yourself.

Knowing that you are loved and your existence is so valuable and that you would be missed is very powerful. I wonder what the stats say about pet owners and suicide?

If you knew you were dying tomorrow how would you live today?

How about in five, 10, 20 years or more? Chances are you are going to fall into one of those categories. What are you going to do with your remaining, seconds, minutes, or hours?

Being important in the world of a child, to have a positive impact on the planet and the future of our society is a great purpose!

Get out and find yours today!

– Sgt Frank (ret), Adopt a Cop USA

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