Many kids on duty around the world have headed back to school. We have equipped them with backpacks, crayons, pencils, notebooks, rulers, and hopefully with words of wisdom and words of life!

Far too often, our little pupils are given much knowledge to put in their brains, but so little toward their self-esteem and self-worth.  Kids on duty have the added pressure of having a first responder parent.  It only takes a second to smile and say something great or positive to children. The words we speak to them can make all the difference now and in their future.

I’m a movie watcher and especially love movies that inspire or send a positive message. I remember viewing “The Help” a novel brought to life on screen by Kathryn Stockett. As I was watching the movie, I immediately fell in love with the scene involving the maid and the little girl she cared for. The maid would sit, look the little girl in the eyes and tell her, “You is kind, you is smart, you is important.”

It brought tears to my eyes as I sat and watched the maid speak such life into this little girl, not just in the good times but in the bad when tears were running down her face. She constantly reminded her that she was made for greatness and spoke life and ultimately many blessings into her life.

I always tell my children how wonderful they are to me.  I wondered if I applied this same concept with my 4 year old little girl, what would happen. So, I did it! I changed the words a little bit and added one extra phrase.

One night I was tucking my little girl into bed and looked her in the eyes and asked her to repeat after me, “You are good, you are kind, you are important, you are the daughter of a King.” We are believers in Christ which is why I added that last phrase. She smiled and said, “Yes mommy, I am.”

We have continued this special moment at bedtime.  Many times when she got in trouble and was not being so good or kind. I noticed that when she got into trouble, after reminding her that she is good and kind, she would make better decisions later and had a strong belief that she is good, kind, important, and the daughter of a King.

We need to remember as parents to these precious kids on duty, we must equip them with life giving words. Our words help mold our children now and in their future. What we speak now, they will become. We have to be the ones whose voice is louder than those who speak defeat telling them they can’t. We must be our children’s greatest fans.

I remember my father always told me I could do anything I set my mind to.  No matter what I wanted to do, he supported me growing up.  He never laughed at my dreams, even if they involved becoming a famous singer. Although I got to sing for a while, I never made it big.  However, the point is, I did it. I was raised being told I was good.  When I made a bad decision, I was not told I was a bad girl but told I was a good girl making a poor choice. We have to choose our words carefully when speaking to our kids on duty.

Children will fail many times in life. Although we may be disappointed at times, we have to encourage them to move forward and into greatness and success. I know I have failed many times.  I did not have people reminding that I failed, but that I at least tried.

No matter what life brings our children’s way, we must remind kids on duty about what they can be.  We must speak life into them so that they will believe the very depth of it. Speaking life can bring a confidence out in them.  No matter what situation they are facing, they will remember that you believed in them. They will remember that they are to be the difference and that you were the ones who made the difference in them. So as each of our kids on duty wake up each day packing up their back packs, be sure to pack them up with words of life!

Allison P. Uribe is an auxiliary chaplain with the San Antonio Police Department. Allison’s husband is a San Antonio police officer. She is also a chaplain with Serve and Protect, serving the spiritual and emotional needs of law enforcement, fire/ rescue, and corrections; or 625-373-8000. Allison is the founder of Wives on Duty Ministries designed to support and encourage wives of law enforcement and other emergency services through the word of God. Allison will launch Kids on Duty – To Play and Pray in Summer 2013. For more information visit or email Allison at [email protected] She is also the lead community chaplain and student with Global University Berean School of the Bible and speaks at many Law Enforcement events. Allison wrote “Because I’m Suitable-The Journey of A Wife on Duty”, geared toward wives of law enforcement;