‘Kentler Project’ allowed pedophiles to have access to homeless children for over 30 years


WEST BERLIN, GERMANY – For over 30 years, homeless children were routinely and knowingly sent by German authorities to live with pedophile foster parents.

A report conducted by the University of Hildesheim found that authorities in Berlin condoned this practice for 34 years, with male fosters receiving a regular care allowance between 1969 and 2003.

According to PJ Media, several of the foster fathers were high-profile academics, including:

“High-ranking members of the Max Planck Institute, Berlin’s Free University, and the notorious Odenwald School in Hesse, West Germany, which was at the center of a major pedophilia scandal several years ago. It has since been closed down.”

The assumption was that the pedophiles would be ideal foster parents because they would be more loving. In the 1970’s, psychology professor Helmut Kentler held a leadership position at Berlin’s Pedagogical Center.

He was convinced that sexual contact between adults and children was harmless.

Kentler theorized that children would “love” their experiences with the men, some of whom had past criminal convictions for sex abuse.

Shockingly, Kentler’s book, “Eltern lernen Sexualerziehung” is currently available to purchase on Amazon. Translated, the book’s title means “Parents learn Sexual Education.”

The book’s cover shows two adults bathing naked with young children who are also naked.

Predictably, the German foster children were subjected to horrific sexual assault, yet according to the German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), the children’s problems were seemingly solved by the Office for Children and Youth (Jugendamt).

The justification was that the children “no longer lived on the street, did not end up in orphanages, and pedophiles would stop looking for new victims as it was tolerated that they could abuse children within their own homes.”

The so-called foster homes founded in the late 1960’s functioned until 2003. They were based on Kentler’s experimental concept of a child living with a pedophile and “were approved by Berlin’s Senate officials, as well as by, with a few exceptions, the District Jugendamts.”

According to a report:

“A man with a criminal record for child abuse, referred in the report as Fritz H., was able to rape and abuse at least nine children that were given to him as foster children under the government-backed scheme. Despite the extreme warning signs, Berlin youth welfare officers consistently chose him as a foster father to children, who were often six or seven years old.”

The number of perpetrators and victims has not yet been determined. It is known that Fritz H. had at least 10 children under his care over a period of 12 years, including one with disabilities who died while under his supposed care.

Three of his victims later testified about their abuse.

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According to PJ Media, the outrage became public when victims started coming forward. Researchers at Hildesheim University have tracked down multiple victims and conducted interviews. They found a “vast pedophilia network that included educational institutions, child welfare offices, and the Berlin Senate.”

An investigation was launched in 2010, after the full scale of the abuse emerged.

Hildesheim University reports it has been denied access to over 1,000 files that researchers believe contain the “names of high-profile pedophiles.”

Kentler himself was in regular contact with the children and their foster fathers, yet was never prosecuted.

According to The First News:

“By the time victims came forward, the statute of limitations for his actions had expired. This has also thus far prevented the victims from receiving any compensation.”

Nonetheless, victims have “filed a lawsuit exposing the grotesque details of this taxpayer-funded pedophilia experiment.”

Two of the fostered victims are in line for a compensation payout from the city Senate, which has agreed to an out-of-court settlement, reports The Sun.

Disturbingly, Kentler was reported as also being a police psychologist, which “would not have been possible without the cooperation of the Berlin authorities, youth offices, but also educational and scientific institutions,” according to FAZ.

Berlin’s youth-affairs minister, Sandra Scheeres, said:

“It is simply unimaginable that something like this happened with state oversight.”

“There were and are networks,” said Green politician Marianne Burkert-Eulitz, who called on the left-wing parties to own up to their responsibility for the pedophile scandal.

Kentler died in 2008 and left papers describing the entire experiment as successful, but “admitted that it was clear to all involved that placing youths with pedophiles broke the law.”

Leibniz University Hannover commissioned Dr. Teresa Nentwig (University of Göttingen) to investigate the work and effects of Kentler, previously a professor of social pedagogy at the former Technische Universität Hannover.

In the university’s press release, it explicitly disassociated itself from Kentler’s work, which was criticized for its trivialization of pedophilia.

The release states:

“Prior to his position at the former University of Hannover, he was involved in an experiment in which Berlin foster children were put into the care of men known to be pedophiles.”

The city government says it has no idea who in West Berlin’s welfare agency agreed to the so-called Kentler Experiment and that it has a hotline for former victims.

According to The Sun, the Berlin Senate commissioned a public inquiry into the scandal four years ago, but it is still ongoing and the final report is nowhere near being published.

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