He was convicted in the fatal shooting of an Australian bride-to-be.  Now body-cam footage was released that prosecutors say was part of the evidence in that conviction.

Justine Damond

Justine Damond

In April, a jury convicted Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor on second and third-degree manslaughter charges in the killing of Damond. 

She called police the night of her death to report a possible rape in the alleyway behind her home in South Minneapolis.


Mohamed Noor (Photo: City of Minneapolis)


A clip was released Thursday as part of a number of pieces of video and audio evidence prosecutors used (scroll down).

In the moments after Mohamed Noor fatally shot her, another Minneapolis police officer addressed him as “kiddo” and warned against speaking to anyone about the bloody incident until absolutely necessary.

It was caught on body camera video from Officer Jesse Lopez, one of the first officers on the scene the night Justine Damond was gunned down outside her home in July 2017.

“You alright kiddo? You alright?” Lopez asks Noor, who appears to be sweating profusely. “Just keep to yourself, just keep your mouth shut until you have to say anything to anybody.”

Lawyer Bob Bennett negotiated a $20 million settlement for Damond’s family.  He told local media outlets the footage played a “tremendous” role in making his case.

“The blue wall of silence is alive and well,” he said. “Who were they protecting and serving?”

Also released on Thursday was audio of the woman’s terrified 911 calls, though transcripts have previously been released.

“Hi. I can hear someone out back and I, I’m not sure if she’s having sex or being raped,” she tells the operator. “And I think she just yelled out ‘help,’ but it’s difficult. The sound has been going on for a little while but I don’t think, I don’t think she’s enjoying it.”

Damond called police again just less than ten minutes later and was told officers were on the way there.

When they arrived, she tried to approach them and started Noor, who was sitting in the passenger seat in his cruiser.  She was still in her pajamas when she was shot.

Body cam footage from Sergeant Shannon Barnette was also released.  Barnette was the police incident commander the night of the shooting. In that footage, Noor’s partner, Matthew Harrity, can be seen recalling the how the shooting unfolded.

“Sarge, Sarge,” Harrity can be heard saying.

He then approaches Barnette.

“We had the call over here, someone was screaming in the back, we pulled up here, we were about ready to clear and go to another call she just came up out of nowhere on the side of the thing and we both got spooked. I had my gun out, I didn’t fire and then Noor pulled out and fired.”

There are five more body cam videos showing Damond gasping for breath while responders attempted to save her.  They were not made public in the recent release.

Noor is currently being held at Minnesota’s maximum-security prison. He’ll be back in court for sentencing on June 7 and faces up to 15 years behind bars.