On November 4, 1978, Patrolman Archie Buggs was working a midnight shift. At about 1:00 a.m. he made a traffic stop for speeding, something every police officer does on a daily basis.

Unknown to Officer Buggs, this vehicle was occupied by two well known gang members.  Both offenders were high on PCP, with no driver’s licenses, and a gun on the seat next to them.

Jesus Cecena was scared…of getting arrested and going to jail.  Cecena knew what he was doing was wrong, but when he picked up that gun off the seat he became an executioner.

As Officer Buggs walked up to the car, the 17 year old Jesus Cecena and driver of the car opened fire on Officer Buggs striking him 6 times. One shot hit him in the head. Officer Buggs drew his weapon and fired back but didn’t strike the suspect or the vehicle. A fellow officer found Officer Buggs in the street in front of his patrol vehicle.  His ticket book and gun were on the street next to his body.  Cecena had already hit the gas and sped off, leaving Officer Buggs dying in the gutter in a pool of his own blood.

Patrolman Buggs had served with the San Diego Police Department for 4 years. He was survived by his mother and siblings. He was a Vietnam Army veteran.  Buggs saw combat first hand, both in other countries and in this one, too.  He received an early Army discharge to take care of his seriously ill father and mother; again, showing that he was a man of honor.

Officer Buggs died in the streets he grew up in and in the streets where the citizens lived.  He swore an oath to protect them.  He served both his community and his country proudly, with honor.  Only to be gunned down by a brazen coward.  Both suspects were apprehended three hours later by San Diego Police.

Jesus Cecena, age 17 and his 18 year old passenger were convicted of Officer Buggs’ murder and sentenced to life. The only reason why the courts sentenced Cecena to “life with the possibility of parole” is because he was 17 years old at the time.  Cecena’s partner in crime, got “life WITHOUT the possibility of parole”…he was 18 years old.

Jesus S. Cecena was the one that pulled the trigger and put six .38 caliber bullets into Officer Buggs’ body… My question is, just because this criminal was 17 years old and not 18 at the time of this incident, does that justify putting this criminal back on the streets for him to commit more murders?  Obviously the bleeding heart liberal judges think so…

Has the sentencing judge ever had to see firsthand what a police officer does on the streets 24/7/365?  I don’t think so…. otherwise they wouldn’t make some of the idiotic decisions they make.  At least the members of the California Parole Board had some common sense between their ears when Jesus Cecena came up for parole in 2010.  Jesus Cecena, (inmate # C08487) was denied parole.  I would hope that the current Parole Board members maintain their strong stance in protecting society as much as Officer Buggs did…. HE died doing what is right.

When you execute a peace officer in the line of duty…. you display a blatant disregard for any and all authority.  Such offenders are a clear example of why this country needs the death penalty and it needs to be carried out.

I strongly urge every citizen to contact the members of the parole board and request that they again deny Cecena any opportunity to be free.

A sample letter is listed below:

Board of Parole Hearings

Post Office Box 4036
Sacramento, CA 95812-4036

Re:  Jesus S. Cecena

Inmate No. C-08487

Dear Sir or Madam:

Jesus S. Cecena, (inmate # C -08487) was convicted of life in prison with the possibility of parole only because of his age.  Cecena is a clear and present danger to the community in which he lived and killed others in.  He has been a problem in the corrections system.  He is still a danger to the community to which he will return and continue his life of crime.

Very truly yours,

Ms. LET Reader

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