Colin Russell is scheduled for a parole hearing on or about October 31, 2012.   Russell is serving a life sentence for the brutal murder of Florida wildlife officer Danese “Dan” Crowder.  On May 3, 1974, Crowder stopped Russell for deer hunting out of season. As Crowder prepared to issue Russell a citation for poaching, Russell opened fire on Crowder, repeatedly shooting him in the neck and back.

Officer Crowder had been with the Florida Game and Freshwater Fish Commission for four years.   In addition to adhering to the FWC’s mission “to protect and preserve” wildlife, he also attempted to preserve public safety by protecting them from this crazed gunman.  He was survived by his wife and four children, who had to grow u without him.  His family is adamantly opposed to Russell’s release.

At Russell’s 2003 parole hearing Maureen Bishop vociferously stated that Russell’s heinous act of murdering her father just because he didn’t want to pay a fine is no different from murdering a patrol officer just to get out paying a traffic ticket.  Bishop described the details of the horrible night that she and her family were informed of their loved ones murder.  She eloquently described, how she and the rest of Crowder’s family have been deprived of a loving, devoted husband and father. Bishop has children of her own who have been robbed of the opportunity to know their grandfather.

Letters can be e-mailed to the parole board chairperson, Tena Pate, at : [email protected]. Her telephone number is (850) 487-1980, and her FAX line is (850) 414-2627.

A sample letter is included below:

Attention: Tena Pate, Chairperson

Re: No Parole for Colon H. Russell (inmate #043107)

Dear Parole Board Members:

I respectfully ask that you DENY PAROLE to Colon Russell, inmate #043107. This inmate’s violent and premeditated murder of Wildlife Officer Danese Crowder in 1974 should preclude any consideration for parole.

On May 3rd, 1974, Officer Crowder attempted to arrest inmate #043107 for poaching deer out of season. During the ensuing pursuit, inmate #043107 intentionally stopped and shot Officer Crowder twice, including once in the back.

Inmate #043107 is a menace and danger to society and should remain behind bars for the remainder of his life, just as his sentence dictates. He has already been denied parole in the past and I urge you to deny parole once again.

As a concerned citizen, and in the interest of public safety, I again respectfully ask that you DENY PAROLE to inmate #043107. Justice demands that he be made to spend every remaining day of his sentence in prison.


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