Report: Kamala Harris promoted bail fund that freed a child molester from jail


MINNEAPOLIS, MN– On June 1st, Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Kamala Harris openly promoted a bail fund on her Twitter, that was designed to help free protesters being arrested at the violent riots in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Now, that very fund, known as The Minnesota Freedom Fund, has helped release a man from jail who is accused of sexually molesting a child, Daily Caller News Foundation reports. 

The foundation reported Wednesday:

“A bail fund promoted by Sen. Kamala Harris helped a man accused of sexually assaulting an eight-year-old girl get out of jail in July, according to court documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The full report can be read here.

Timothy Wayne Columbus, 36, allegedly sexually assaulted an eight-year-old girl in 2015, and faces up to 30 years in prison. He was released from a Minneapolis jail in early July on $75,000 bail, according to jail records.
That bail was paid by none other than MFF.
A Court document obtained by the DCNF, shows that the day after his release, Columbus signed a document asking the court to return any refunded bail to the MFF, which indicates that the fund played a role in securing his release from jail.
  •  Paid $350,000 in cash to release twice-convicted rapist Christopher Boswell from jail. Boswell currently faces charges of kidnapping and sexual assault, according to the outlet.
  • The Minnesota Freedom Fund also helped post bail for a man accused of assaulting an elderly woman as he burglarized her home, court records obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation reveal.
  • The fund also helped bail out a man who allegedly robbed and stomped on a victim’s head in Minneapolis on the same day of George Floyd’s police-custody death, records show.

At least 13 staffers working for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign also donated to the MFF in the first week following Floyd’s death, according to Reuters.

It comes as no surprise that the fund has been very outspoken on its support to defund the police. 

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Here is more on another criminal that the Minnesota Freedom Fund helped release from prison that Law Enforcement Today brought you back in August. 

MINNEAPOLIS, MN –A man who had been recently bailed out of jail in Minneapolis, Minnesota by the Minnesota Freedom Fund is in custody again, this time for beating a victim so badly that he caused a traumatic brain injury. 

Lionel Timms was bailed out by the fund after his arrest on July 11th in which he was charged with third-degree felony assault.

Timms, 32, was recently arrested for the second time in roughly a month.

This time it was for third-degree assault, which is a felony. 

This beating occurred on August 14th in the 300 block of Hennepin Avenue East.  The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office reported witnesses in the area saw Timms allegedly kick a person who was on the ground. 

It is believed that this kick was significant enough to cause a traumatic brain injury.

The victim, who has not been identified, was taken to Hennepin Healthcare for the traumatic brain injury.  The statement advised that the victim has a fractured skull and a brain bleed and will also require stitches to lacerations from the kick. 

An updated status on the victim has not been made available.

As for the group that bonded Timms out from an earlier offense in July, the Minnesota Freedom Fund released a statement on August 25th which read in part:

“The Minnesota Freedom Fund is deeply saddened and troubled by the recent arrest of Lionel Timms in connection to the recent assault of a popular and well-respected member of our community…

“The Minnesota Freedom fund received a request from Mr. Timm’s attorney for a bail on July 27th, two weeks after he was first detained.  We paid his after working to first ensure that Mr. Timms would be provided with housing and other necessary support as Mr. Timms requested. 

“We operate within the confines of a criminal justice system that is often unjust and unfair, overwhelmingly to Black, brown and Native peoples…

In this case, the criminal justice system failed, and we didn’t do enough to mitigate that damage by ensuring that Mr. Timms had the support he needed to safely come back to the community.”

The Minnesota Freedom Fund clearly wants to blame Timms’ criminal actions on a lack of support instead of what could clearly be the case, he could simply just be a criminal. 

Saying that Timms did not have enough support to get out of jail and act like a human being is insane. 

People get arrested all the time and can behave themselves, if they want to badly enough, and do not get rearrested for almost an IDENTICAL crime not even a month after being released.

Placing the blame on things as opposed to people takes away from the responsibility factor.  What they are basically saying here, Timms is not at fault for beating two men up, leaving one with a significant injury. 

Rather, the fact that he may not have had a good enough home, the food he wanted, etc., is the reason why these two people were beaten.  That is worse than blaming the spoon for someone becoming overweight due to overeating. 

But groups who claim that the criminal justice system is “unjust and unfair, overwhelmingly to Black, brown and Native peoples” clearly do not take into account what those people had been arrested for that placed them in that circumstance to begin with. 

It is interesting that these liberal groups are quick to point out the number of minorities that are in jail, however, very rarely is any information released as to why they are there in the first place. 

This is most likely because if they did release that information, people would no longer look at the demographic breakdown of jail populations and perhaps begin to question the reason why these people are in jail in the first place. 

At least for now, Timms is in custody for his latest assault case and has a court appearance scheduled for September 15th.  It is unknown if the Minnesota Freedom Fund will bond him out a second time.

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