Kamala Harris slams indoor Senate hearing over Amy Coney Barrett, despite having been to numerous indoor events recently herself


WASHINGTON, DC – During the nomination process for Amy Coney Barrett to be inducted into the Supreme Court that began on October 12th within the Hart Senate Office Building, Democratic Senator Kamala Harris decided to skip out during the hearing due to her citing concerns over the pandemic.

But it’s rather odd that Harris would be so critical towards indoor congregations, considering she was among those that attended Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s funeral and memorial, and having attended the Vice Presidential debate that featured an indoor audience and numerous members of the press.

Nonetheless, Harris lambasted the Senate hearing by invoking concerns of over 50 people gathering indoors:

“This hearing has brought together more than 50 people to sit inside of a closed-door room for hours while our nation is facing a deadly, airborne virus.”

She alleged that the Senate committee essentially disregarded “common sense” via the congregating that transpired while alleging that members of the Senate weren’t required to undergo “testing” for the virus prior to attending:

“This committee has ignored common sense requests to keep people safe, including not requiring testing for all members despite a coronavirus outbreak among senators of this very committee…The decision to hold this hearing now is reckless and places facility workers, janitorial staff, and professional aides, and Capitol Police at risk.”

Keep in mind, Harris also managed to attend in indoor event in September coined as the Latino Roundtable in Las Vegas, which was ironically an indoor event to discuss the adverse effects of the pandemic on the Latino community.

And days later in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Harris did the exact same thing again, holding another indoor event aimed at the Latino community and also visited numerous businesses in the city in an effort to get some campaigning done.

Video from her September 17th Philly visit shows her masked, but also getting up close and personal and ignoring social distancing.

Ironically enough, the hearing of Amy Coney Barrett showcased numerous people adorning masks.

And there was yet another indoor event that Harris attended in South Florida, when she made a stop at Florida Memorial University on September 10th to discuss challenges that the black community faces.

Now there’s a heaping dose of irony in that five months prior to this Florida Memorial University event, Harris was claiming that the pandemic poses a greater threat to minorities.

So, after noting that the virus “disproportionately” affects the black community, she decided to host an indoor event during the era of Covid to talk about issues that face the black community.

There seems to be a lack of consistency in both actions and messaging coming from Harris on this matter.

While Harris’ concerns could be legitimate regarding the Senate hearing, therein lies the possibility that she had no desire to be present at said Senate hearing due to her often-vocalized disdain for Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination for the Supreme Court.

Still, even though Harris opted to not attend over said concerns, many of her Democratic colleagues within the Senate (who also happen to be older and thus more susceptible to complications of the pandemic if contracted) decided to attend the hearing.

This included the likes of Senators Dianne Feinstein, Mazie Hirono, Richard Blumenthal and Dick Durbin.

There are some online who perceived Harris’ remarks on the Senate hearing, and lack of physical attendance, as being nothing more than some form of political grandstanding. However, whether that is or is not the case is mere speculation.

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Harris has been a magnet for press since her having been named as Joe Biden’s running mate – with some of that press being good and also some being unfavorable. 

During a recent press conference in Utah, a handful of Republican Attorney Generals were among those sharing unfavorable views of the VP hopeful.


UTAH – The Republican Attorneys General Association addressed reporters on Oct. 7 prior to the vice presidential debate.

They proclaimed that Kamala Harris, if elected under the Biden Harris ticket, would install radical policies in government and empower “lawlessness” in the country.

Before the press conference started, a video produced by the association, known as RAGA, was played for attendees that blended the footage of some of the numerous riots that have plagued the country in recent months along with some of Harris’ own words that seemed to approve of the actions taken by rioters.

One of the hardest-hitting quotes from Harris featured in the video related to the bad actors and protesters enabling the civil unrest across the country:

“Everyone be aware because they’re not going to stop before election day and they’re not going to stop after election day. They’re not going to let up and they should not.”

Republican Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes commented on the words spoken by Harris, saying they are the “empowerment of lawlessness that is taking place in cities across America.”

Reyes furthered that notion, saying:

“Kamala Harris is a danger to law and order because she refuses to condemn loudly and clearly the lawlessness and violence that has beset our nation.”

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge conveyed a similar disdain toward Harris’ take on the riots and protests that have transpired since late May, calling her rhetoric both “dangerous and divisive.” Rutledge further added that the country needs to “defend, not defund the police.”

Rutledge also shared concerns that Harris as vice president would serve as an affront to Americans seeking to maintain their Second Amendment rights:

“She wants to restrict everyday Americans’ the ability to protect themselves.”

The chairman of the RAGA, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, noted that when Harris served as the Attorney General of California from 2010 to 2017, she was perhaps the most liberal in the manner in which she executed her duties.

Landry worries that if Biden and Harris manage to land the White House this November, Harris would welcome “radical environmental policies that would crush job creators and middle-class Americans,” likely a reference to something akin to the Green New Deal.

The Louisiana Attorney General warned that Americans would be forced to accept policies that reflect Harris’ support of far-left immigration initiatives – namely supporting sanctuary cities, granting amnesty to illegal immigrants and possibly decriminalizing illegal immigration altogether.


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