Revealed: Kamala Harris put criminal illegal immigrant into jobs program. Then he assaulted young women.


WASHINGTON, DC – Current Democratic Vice-Presidential Nominee, Kamala Harris, allegedly gave jobs to illegal aliens who had been convicted of various crimes, including assaulting a woman.

Current United States President, Donald Trump, said:

“Harris put a drug dealing illegal alien into a jobs program instead of prison.  Four months later, the illegal alien robbed a 28-year-old woman, mowed her down with an SUV, and fractured her skull.” 

President Trump made these remarks at a rally in Pennsylvania on the 20th

This case is involving Alexander Izaguirre, who was at the time, 20-years-old.  He was arrested and pled guilty for selling cocaine, which he received no jail time for as part of his plea agreement.  Instead of being sentenced to jail, Izaguirre was given an opportunity to take place in a program known as “Back on Track.” 

The program allows those aged 18 to 30, to plead guilty in cases involving drug possession and sales, provided they agree to participate for at least a year.  They are allowed to live wherever they choose, as long as they continue working in the program. 

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Shortly after being accepted into this program, spear headed by Harris, Izaguirre robbed Amanda Kiefer and afterwards, jumped into a vehicle and ran her over.  Kiefer had been minding her own business prior to the encounter, and was simply walking to a restaurant with a friend.

When Izaguirre struck Kiefer with the vehicle, she was launched over the hood of the car.  Izaguirre slammed on the brakes causing Kiefer to fall to the ground.  She was transported to a hospital, and suffered bleeding from her ear and was reported to have a fractured skull from the incident. 

This example is one of many in which Harris allowed illegal aliens, who were convicted of drug crimes, to be given the opportunity to return to the streets under her program.  Many of these criminals continued on their path of lawlessness while being a part of the program.

In 2009, the Los Angeles Times reported that Izaguirre was one of many illegal aliens who was selected to be trained for jobs they could not legally hold, due to their refusal of becoming an American Citizen. 

In their report, they stated that:

“Harris’ office had been allowing Izaguirre and other illegal immigrants to stay out of prison by training them for jobs they cannot legally hold.” 

They further added:

“If they’ve committed crimes and they’re not citizens, then why are they here?  Why haven’t they been deported?” 

That is a very good question, a question that never got a proper response from Harris while she was a state attorney, and one that will not be answered now.

However, Harris did tell the times that:

“The immigration issue, as it related to the Izaguirre case, obviously is a huge kind of pimple on the face of this program.  I don’t mean to trivialize it, nor do I mean to cover it up.” 

The problem with the liberal left-wing politicians is that they are seemingly doing everything they can to cater to voters.  Instead of standing for law and order, and the maintenance of a civilized society, they often back people who are working against it.  For instance, allowing an illegal alien, who apparently has made no attempts at becoming an American citizen, to enter a program which ensured his freedom while committing other crimes, is a grave injustice.

Add into the fact that Harris and other democratic leaders often side themselves with the lawless groups like Antifa, claiming that these groups of criminals are peacefully protesting, when they are rioting and looting every night. 

The question that people should be asking of these elected leaders, is why are they aligning themselves with people who go against everything that the country stands for?  Simply for votes to remain in power?


Did Kamala Harris joke about killing Trump, Pence, Sessions on 2018 Ellen show?

(Op-ed) HOLLYWOOD, CA- Kamala Harris, who was roundly turned down by the Democrat party to be their presidential nominee has managed to stumble her way into being the vice-presidential running mate.

This, for the man who stumbled and bumbled his way into being the presumptive Democratic nominee to run against President Trump in the November election.

However, a two-year old video from the Ellen show may haunt Harris for a bit.

Harris, who never gained traction with here own party’s voters dropped out of the race after a poll placed her sixth in an Iowa preference poll, with only 3% of Iowa voters saying she was their first choice.

That put her in a tie with “superstars” such as Andrew Yang, Tom Steyer and Tulsi Gabbard.

Yet, here we are. One thing has crept up out of her past where she actually laughed at a joke about killing President Trump.

In an appearance on the soon to be cancel-cultured Ellen show in 2018, Harris and everyone’s “sweetheart” Ellen DeGeneres had a nice little chuckle for themselves about possibly doing away with Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions.

The clip of that hardy-har has come up, and it’s not a good look for Kamala (make sure you pronounce it like “comma-luh” or, as Tucker Carlson found out, you’re a RACIST!)

Anyway, in April of that year, Harris was appearing on the Ellen show for a softball interview with Miss Ellen.

During a segment called “20 Questions,” Harris was asked whether she’d rather be stuck in an elevator with President Trump, Vice President Pence, or then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

After an eye-roll, Harris, ever the comedian said, “Does one of us have to come out alive?”

That of course was met with hysterical laughter by Harris, self-impressed by her outstanding comedic chops, DeGeneres and her brain-dead audience.

 The implication of course was that none of those three men are likeable, especially for left-wing progressive Democrats, and if something were to happen to them, it would be justifiable…because they’re evil, you see?

Of course, Harris wasn’t literally talking about actually killing Trump or the other two men. However, one can imagine if a Republican said that about a Democrat, Harris, as well as the rest of the left-wing complicit media would be having a meltdown.

When it happened, the segment was met pretty much with a collective yawn. At that time, everyone was wondering whether someone who had spent an entire two years in the U.S. Senate would actually believe themselves qualified to run for president.

The most “hard-hitting” question she was asked by DeGeneres was who her first celebrity crush was. Her answer? Tito Jackson (if you’ve never heard of him he’s the Jackson with more testosterone than Michael had).

The media was fairly silent about Harris’s answer to Ellen’s question, except for some in conservative media.

The San Francisco Chronicle’s online version, SFGate said that the Drudge Report (before that publication went off-the rails) and Sean Hannity were the only outlets who mentioned the segment.

The website described Ellen’s “edgier” line of questioning, and said that Harris had “yet to respond to the conservative hoopla.”

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Certainly, killing the president or joking about the same is “hoopla,” however were the shoe on the other foot there would be a call for a Congressional hearing and Schiff would be looking for another impeachment.

DeGeneres, of course has problems of her own. A number of former staffers have revealed a “toxic work culture” where employees to took medical leave after suicide attempts are fired, senior producers commit sexual harassment on subordinates and despite the appearance of DeGeneres being “generous,” those same staffers have faced significant salary cuts over the past few months. And here we thought DeGeneres was more of a comedian than an actor.

Harris believes that she and Biden can “unite” the country. Which is really hysterical given the fact that she has mentioned “payback” for Trump supporters. But we digress.

Nothing says unity like wishing your political adversaries would die in the same elevator as you. The fact that was the first thing she thought of is a bit, shall we say disturbing. Unity? Uh, probably not.

It really is rather unbelievable that Harris, who dropped out before even the first votes were cast in the Democrat presidential sweepstakes is in the position where she would possibly be literally one heartbeat away from the presidency.

As a commentary in Western Journal noted, most times a vice-resident is used as an attack dog, someone such as former Nixon vice president Spiro Agnew or maybe Dick Cheney under George W. Bush. Hell, even Biden under Obama.

This time however, she is “more of a relief pitcher warming up in the bullpen, ready to take over when one too many of Biden’s neurons goes bye-bye.” Given the obvious and accelerating rate of Biden’s cognitive decline, her selection is even more significant.

Of course, Biden and Harris have to get by Trump and Pence, and while polls have shown the president behind Biden, he has been closing the gap over the past couple of weeks. Taken together with the unemployment numbers this past week being particularly good, and the stock market back in the neighborhood of its March highs, that could spell bad news for Team Biden.

It will be interesting to see how a running from behind Harris might act. Although honestly, she should be used to it.

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