Kaepernick’s police-bashing tweet may be the most uneducated anti-cop thing he has said (op-ed)


Colin Kaepernick, in his twisted attempt to stay relevant, blasted out a new tweet following the announcement in the Breonna Taylor case this week.

He was shockingly on the side of the police for once. 

Just kidding!

After the officers involved in the incident that ultimately took her life were cleared of wrong doing in her death (one officer was charged for the rounds that entered into a neighboring apartment), here is what he actually said. 

“The white supremacist institution of policing that stole Breonna Taylor’s life from us must be abolished for the safety and well being of our people.

#BreonnaTaylor #SayHerName #AbolishThePolice”

Before we actually get into the tweet, I think it is cute that he still has the number #7 in his Twitter handle. There is a better chance that the 7 will represent the number of years since he played in the NFL than it will stand for the number on the back of his jersey as a member of a current roster. 

Now, back to the idiotic ramblings of a washed up quarterback.

First, let’s clarify a few things. 

1. This dude has pushed my last button. I believe in people having the right to say what they think, but not when it insights violence and leads to people targeting cops. 

2. The definition of an institution is as follows: 

“An organization, establishment, foundation, society, or the like, devoted to the promotion of a particular cause or program, especially one of a public, educational, or charitable character.”

Is Kaepernick actually saying that law enforcement exists for the promotion of white supremacy? 

Obviously, we know that isn’t true, so he must be talking about something else. 

I bet he forgot to capitalize the letters in a proper noun. He must be referring to the White Supremacist Institution of Policing. 

Hey, I think we would all agree that a place like that does need to be abolished. Now, where is that place? I want to go protest in front of it. 

Let’s go to Google Maps. 

Kaepernick's police-bashing tweet may be the most uneducated anti-cop thing he has said (op-ed)
Google Maps Screen shot

Well, darn. That place obviously doesn’t exist. 

Well, I am officially at a loss for what “Kaep” is trying to say here. So, I guess we should move on.

3. At the end of his statement, ol’ #7  used the phrase “our people,” in what can only be assumed, to address black America. 

Again, the statement itself is problematic, as is the sentiment behind it.  

First, if Kaepernick is truly interested in equality, then why such a divisive statement. 

When he says “our people,” what he is referring to is black America. 

So, the abolishing of police, in his mind, is solely for the safety and well-being black men and women, all other ethnicities be damned. 

Never mind the fact that more white people die during interactions with police than any other racial category. 

According to a database that goes back to January 1, 2015, that is run by the left-leaning Washington Post: 

Kaepernick's police-bashing tweet may be the most uneducated anti-cop thing he has said (op-ed)
Screenshots: Washington Post database

Kaepernick's police-bashing tweet may be the most uneducated anti-cop thing he has said (op-ed)

Kaepernick's police-bashing tweet may be the most uneducated anti-cop thing he has said (op-ed)






Let’s not forget, the same man who posted this…

…is half white. 

So, when he refers to white people as supremacists, is he talking to one half of himself? 

And when he uses phrases like “our people,” he is using the wrong words. We are told that words matter and to stop taking things out of context. So, let’s put his words into context. 

Colin Kaepernick, you are bi-racial. So, when you say that abolishing police with provide for the well-being of your people, you are referring to the 1.6 million Americans (2010 Census) that identify as being black and white. That would be .0048% of Americans. 

But, now we are just talking semantics. They are true statements, but they are semantics. 

Let’s talk about what else we know. 

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LET Unity

Since yesterday, Kaep had also retweeted the following: 

Yep. He is endorsing the financing of legal assistance to the people who get arrested for looting, rioting, arson, assault and even murder. Why? 

Because to the former NFL “star,” they are all victims of police “terrorism.” 

Umm, Colin…are there other types of siblings? I though there were only brothers or sisters. 

You know what Colin Kaepernick hasn’t made mention of in his Twitter timeline? 

Nothing has been said about the two Louisville cops that were shot in the midst of the protests there last night. 

Just his disdain for the grand jury decision in Taylor’s case. 

He has also joined Lebron “I am too important to society to just shut up and dribble” James in saying nothing regarding the two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies that were targeted an ambushed several weeks ago, being shot and left for dead. 

Why? Because, while they may not do it publicly, in the recesses of their minds and inside their circles of trusted friends and family, they endorse this type of activity. 

According to Kaepernick, “We have the right to fight back!”

In other words, violence towards law enforcement is acceptable. 

They stay silent regarding these situations…because they condone it. They are providing their consent. It would be one thing of they were completely unaware of the circumstances. But, there is no way that they are oblivious to the examples I provided above. 

As we learned in the military, when training multiple firing positions on a single target, fire control had to get an affirmative from each of the 3 fire control specialists. If two agreed on the target, the 3rd could cancel the target if they had reasonable evidence for not putting “steel on target.” Three “yes” responses gave a green light. A single “no” would cancel the target, at least temporarily. 

But two yes and one silent would still result in a green light to commence firing. 

Why? Because silence was consent. 

To stop the action, there had to be at least one hard “no.”

But, using those parameters, we aren’t getting a “no” from Kaepernick, James, or the countless other athletes that are outspoken against police. They are staying silent when we see police targeted, attacked, wounded and killed.

And their silence is consent. Especially when we see tweets from people like Kaepernick, shown above. 

Former ESPN anchor Jemele Hill, no stranger to putting out anti-police and racially charged bullshit herself.

Both in sports…and in politics: 

(Barkley’s injury news drew a “Damn” from Hill. Bosa’s injury garnered a “calm down.” It could be inferred that the difference in her responses was that one injured player is black, the other is white.)

and in politics: 




..but at least took the time to half-heartedly say…

But even that was a correction that the officers were not dead. And why was thankfully said parenthetically? Could it be that it was added to appear supportive of these deputies? The reality is that she never said a word about them until the self-appointed savior of society, Lebron James, name was mentioned by the Los Angeles County Sheriff, asking James to match the reward money being put up to capture the individual that shot them. Lebron has not said a word about this situation, even though it happened less than 15 miles from the stadium where they normally play their games. 

Again, he cannot play dumb and say he didn’t know.

There were no tweets from her or any of the other athlete/celebrity “leaders” denouncing the action or calling for a cessation of the targeting of police officers. 

Not one! If anyone can find a social media post of a left-leaning, mainstream celebrity  that has called fore these acts of violence to stop, please send it to us, and we will update this piece to reflect it. 

But until then, Kaepernick is just a pandering has-been that needs to race-bait and incite violence to stay relevant. That and kneel for the anthem.

And for the record, I will never be ok with him or anyone else kneeling for the flag or the anthem. 


Here are a few thousand reasons. 

Kaepernick's police-bashing tweet may be the most uneducated anti-cop thing he has said (op-ed)
Photo courtesy of Arlington National Cemetery



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