All K9 handlers tell comical stories regarding circumstances that have occurred with their four-legged partners.

Defecating moments at inopportune locations are some of the favorites. For instance, at the home of the anti-police-mayor during a burglary in progress.

Or circumstances that led to the accidental bite of the undercover officer. “Sorry bro. You were the closest thing to a bad guy we could find.”

But never fail, when a K9 is on scene, it adds an element of confidence the bad guys will be located, the lost child will be found, the bomb will be revealed, or the drugs will be detected.

We appreciate our dogs due to their unique set of skills, but we love them with human affection since their loyalty, companionship, and sense of security is off the charts.

We often report how many peace officers have died in the line of duty. Yet rarely do we glimpse at the number of service dogs that have passed away serving the community.

To date in 2016, there have been 29, K9 line of duty deaths. Per the Officer Down Memorial Page, the cause of deaths are listed below:

Losing a police service dog (PSD) to a line of duty death is an emotional event for the handler, and others that worked with the K9. We simply want to acknowledge their service and sacrifice since they are such an integral part of law enforcement.

By the way, the story about the anti-police mayor is true. It occurred on his recently vacuumed living room carpet while his wayward son burglarized the home in his absence. And the story about the narc? Yep, it’s true too. The editor-in-chief at LET has three puncture wounds on his posterior to prove it.

Photo source Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department