WYOMING, MI – An officer was justified shooting a man who stole a handgun from Al & Bob’s Sports based on the report issued by Kent County Prosecutor William Forsyth Tuesday, according to mLIVE report.

Wyoming Police Officer Chad Wells shot a Sudan native Sadiq Bishara-Abaker Idris when he pulled the stolen gun from his back pocket and pointed it at the officer.

Forsyth also released a dash cam video that shows a portion of the shooting, and a surveillance video inside the Al & Bob’s where Idris stole the handgun.



Weeks before the incident, Idris had filled out a form to buy the $699 Heckler and Koch .40 caliber handgun at Al & Bob’s. Then on Sept. 7 at around 5:20 p.m., Idris returned. He handled the firearm as he talked with an employee, but then refused to return it. He walked out of the business ignoring the order to stop. Once outside the store, Idris fled on a mountain bike.

His whereabouts were unknown until sometime after 7 p.m. At that time, James Posthumus III, 18, called his father after he saw Idris appear from between two houses. His father picked him up and they monitored Idris. The senior Posthumus called 911 and provided police dispatchers with information about the activity and their location.

In the report, Forsyth wrote the dispatcher told the father that the suspect might have a gun.

As a patrol car pulled up near the suspect, Officer Wells got out of his car and ordered Idris to get down. Idris did not comply. Instead, he drew the weapon and aimed it at the officer. Wells drew his weapon and shot Idris.

The father and son witnessed the shooting.

“As he turned, Officer Wells could clearly see a ‘black handgun in his right hand.’ Mr. Idris then raised the gun and pointed it directly at Officer Wells. While doing so, he said nothing to the officer. In response, Officer Wells fired five rounds at Mr. Idris from his duty weapon, a .40-caliber Sig Sauer,” the prosecutor wrote.

Idris died at the scene. The autopsy report revealed a single gunshot wound to the upper right part of his chest caused death. Trace amounts of cocaine were found in his system, although it was too small to have any effect on his behavior, according to Dr. Stephen Cohle.

Police identified the gun used by Idris as the same gun stolen from the sports store. It was unloaded but, according to the prosecutor, Wells had no way of knowing that. “Officer Wells could not reasonably have known whether the gun was loaded or unloaded,” Forsyth wrote.

As it took more than an hour before Idris was found, Forsyth said that “During that window, he had ample opportunity and sufficient time to load the weapon. Given the circumstances, it would be absurd to suggest that Officer Wells was required to wait for Mr. Idris to potentially shoot him before firing his weapon.”

Forsyth said that given the “sudden nature of the threat,” Wells had no legal duty to retreat, nor could he.