These are challenging times for our nation, challenging in many ways, but especially for our law enforcement officers and their families. There is an unprecedented assault on our nation’s cops, one that has been promoted by liberal media and tolerated by many parts of our society for the past decade.

It is time those who oppose the violent rhetoric let their voices be heard, and it’s time those who spread this rhetoric are held accountable.

One element of the life of law enforcement officers dear to my heart is marriages. Recently, I co authored a new faith-based book with retired US Army Lt. Col. Dave Grossman (Author, On Killing, On Combat, and Assassination Generation.) You may recognize the name and his books, he coined the term “sheepdog.” In his book On Killing, he provides an in depth description of this terminology in a piece called On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs, and I highly recommend you read this, take it to heart.  

What we have discovered is the intense need for practical, fundamentally sound, and biblically-based truths for our nation’s heroes and their relationships. There are some myths I would be remiss if not addressed here. For one, no, the divorce rate among law enforcement officers is not 75 percent or higher, in fact, it is on par with the rest of the nation’s marital and divorce statistics. Does this mean all law enforcement marriages are healthy? Not necessarily. But as licensed marriage therapists Cyndi Doyle, LPCS, NCC, CDWF, CCISM told me, “We may not have the healthiest marriages, but we are committed.” This is the reason Col. Grossman and I invested time and energy into creating a one-of-a-kind resource for first responders and military couples.

Is it the violence on the streets that causes our law enforcement officers issues? Is it the battles they face, daily? I propose to you it is a combination of the issues they face on duty in conjunction with the political rhetoric and lack of support seen from many aspects of our society, including liberal media.

Let me give you a more specific example of what I am referring to. Recently, I had the pleasure of engaging with an individual who had an obvious disdain with law enforcement and said something to the effect of “Police officers don’t have the most dangerous job in America … stop whining … etc.” This person was referencing an article from USA TODAY entitled “Workplace fatalities: 25 most dangerous jobs in America” (Published January 2018).

You will be as shocked as I was to find out all the basis for their argument was superficial, referring to the numerical rankings, not the actual cause of death or injury.

Losing a loved one is never easy, in fact, that grief can last us the rest of our lives, having major impacts on our future goals, dreams, aspirations, how we continue to interact with other humans, etc. However, I believe we can all agree there is a significant difference in being killed on the job due to “falls, slips, and trips” or “overexertion and bodily reaction” or even, “struck by object” as opposed to “Intentional injury by other person.”

You see, what these friendly flakes failed to see is the REASON for the deaths and injuries … it’s not the numbers, so sweet of these folks to comment. They need a hug.

It’s the evil in our world, the same evil that prompted the uneducated and inaccurate thoughts.

No, law enforcement isn’t the “deadliest” job in America by standards of measuring “death” from on the job injuries, but if you remove “slips, falls, and trips” or the other injuries, and measure the deaths and injuries solelyby the intentional harmcaused by another person, it’s a different story.

Guess who holds the number one most dangerous job then???

Not a position I wish my LEO brothers and sisters were in.


Adam Davis is a former cop, author, and speaker. He has written four books, including Behind the Badge: 365 Daily Devotions for Law Enforcement and Bulletproof Marriage: a 90 Day Devotional, which he co-authored with Lt. Col. Dave Grossman (On Combat, On Killing, and Assassination Generation.) In his writing, Adam provides spiritual nourishment and encouragement for law enforcement officers through personal stories, Scripture and prayers.