Why Are Judges Letting Dangerous Criminals Back on the Street?


Did you hear the one about the gangbanger caught with a stolen handgun that got off with an essay and an early bedtime as his punishment?

I’d like to say I’m making this up. But when I was scrolling through the news, sure enough – there it was.

The headline read, ‘Judge frees gang member, orders him to write report on gun violence’.

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The teen was found with a gun reported stolen in Chicago. (Courtesy Robert Weisskopf)


Admittedly, I almost spit my coffee out. Thought maybe it was a satirical article from The Onion. But nope, totally real.

The article reported that Judge Ellen Edwards from Brooklyn rejected a $25,000 bond request for the 18-year-old after he was caught with a handgun. It was loaded too, and apparently reported stolen back in Chicago.

Instead of approving that request, Edwards gave the teen an 8 p.m. curfew and is making him write a report on gun violence in the community.

Are you sh–ting me? Is this high school? Is Edwards nothing more than a principal trying to instill a lesson on an impressionable youth?

Let me tell you something about this kid. He’s a gangbanger. Member of the “G Stone Crips”. He’s not going to suddenly see reason and change his whole life. We can hope for that… but let’s be honest. Not gonna happen.

Why Are Judges Letting Dangerous Criminals Back on the Street?
The G Stone Crips are a Brooklyn-based gang. (Screenshot – YouTube)


Oh, I almost forgot to mention the best part.

He’s got priors. 4 of them, in fact. They’re all sealed due to his age, but two of the cases involved GUN POSSESSION. Not a red flag or any sort of indicator about whether he learns from experience…

Judges are now so out of touch with what’s really going on in the streets.

One of my brothers catches this kid with a gun, gets him off the street. Good. One less punk to worry about.


But now this kid is gonna be back out there – and when he shoots and kills someone – that’s on you.

You hear me, Judge Edwards?

That blood will be on YOUR hands.

I understand jails are crowded.

I understand that we need to reevaluate certain aspects of the criminal justice system.

But why are we letting dangerous people back into the communities that we protect with nothing more than a slap on the wrist? Let’s maybe start talking about going easier on non-violent offenders… not the ones caught with loaded guns.

Bart Simpson writing lines on the chalkboard was more a punishment than this, and I’m pretty sure he never did anything involving a firearm.

A message for judges across America: stop letting dangerous people back in public. Stop putting me and my fellow officers at risk by handing out ridiculous sentences. Stop allowing our country to fall into lawlessness. Because when things inevitably go wrong… it’s going to be on you.


Why Are Judges Letting Dangerous Criminals Back on the Street?

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