Judge Kavanaugh Confirmation Process for Supreme Court of the United States

This Kavanaugh hearing is the biggest political scam perpetrated on the American people in my lifetime. He is not afforded the underlying principle of our criminal justice system, the presumption of innocence.

The Democrats have pronounced him guilty of these 37-year-old allegations based on emotions and political expediency, but void of facts.


Judge Brett Kavanaugh. (U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit)

He has been told repeatedly that this is a hearing and not a criminal prosecution. But, he is being accused of a crime, sexual assault, therefore he should be afforded the same rights that the liberal politicians demanded for the terrorists held in Guantanamo Bay.

The victim has no evidence and her allegations have been rebuffed as false by her own witnesses. Kavanaugh has original documentation in the form of calendars and personal notes kept over his life time that dispute the dates, times, and locations of this victim.

misleading donors

The repeated Democratic calls for the FBI to investigate are smoke and mirrors. The FBI does not have jurisdiction to investigate this incident: That responsibility lies with the local police who have legal jurisdiction. Also, Kavanaugh has endured six previous FBI background investigations in his lifetime, none of which found any inclination of malfeasance.

Get rid of your agenda driven, handcrafted, preconceived notions, eliminate your emotions, and digest the facts. This woman is a fraud perpetrated on the American people in order to stop President Trump’s nomination of a conservative leaning judge to the U.S. Supreme Court. Nothing more, nothing less.

supreme court unanimously lifts


To all my brothers and sisters in blue, lock and load and protect each other. And as always, stay safe.


Larry Casey, sergeant (ret.), Chicago Police Department, Criminal Justice Professor, Wilbur Wright College. View his website at www.StoriesofaChicagoPoliceOfficer.com for more information and review his book by the same name.