Judge imposes “curfews” on 11 teens arrested in mob beating of 15-year-old girl


BROOKLYN, NY – An update on the video of the vicious beating of the fifteen-year old girl in Brooklyn has revealed that now 11 juveniles are in custody alleged to have been involved in the brutal attack. 

Five of the suspects, aged between 14 and 17 years old, had turned themselves in at the 77th Precinct in Crown Heights, police stated on March 7th.

It wasn’t detailed if the other six willingly handed themselves over to authorities, or of they were identified through their investigation. 

Police were led to believe that the mob-beating was in retaliation for a fight that the victim had gotten into with another girl at school earlier in the day.

However, those familiar with the victim have disputed those claims, saying that she’s a relatively quiet girl who plays basketball. 

Pamela, who is the victim’s grandmother, appeared before a rally on March 7th to condemn the brutal assault.

Among a crowd of local activists in the community, Pamela stated:

“My granddaughter, her spirits are broke, mine is broke. All I think about is the boy, Lesandro Guzman Felix, 15, who got killed in the Bronx, and I thought, please don’t let nothing happen to my baby.”

Authorities say that the victim of the attack was hospitalized with head trauma, but was later released.

Police are still on the lookout for additional suspects in the case as there were a total of 18 persons of interest wanted by authorities. Still, the 11 unnamed juveniles have been charged with robbery and gang assault.

Of those in custody, four of the defendants are being referred to the Family Court system. The remaining seven stood before a judge on March 9th for their arraignment on charges of second-degree robbery and gang assault. 

One of the defendants present in front of Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Ruth Shillingford that day was allegedly the 14-year-old boy on the video who had stolen the victims shoes right off of her feet. 

Reportedly all seven plead not guilty to the charges.


The DA’s office did initially request that bail be applied in the cases against the alleged members of the violent mob, asking for $10,000 bond for each of the accused. 

When the juveniles initially appeared in front of Judge Deepa Ambekar on March 7th, the judge denied the request to have the defendants held on bond. 

Based upon the previous denial of bail with Judge Ambekar , the DA decided to not bring up the matter to Judge Shillingford on March 9th. 

While no bail was ever imposed on the accused, the judge did impose some curfew restrictions while they await trial. All of the defendants were ordered to go directly home after school, which is either 3:00 p.m. or 4:30 p.m. for the defendants. 

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

Here’s what we originally reported on the case when it was first developing.

The original video surveillance footage has showed a brutal attack against a fifteen-year old girl who was swarmed by a group that appeared to be other juveniles. The video is nothing short of disgusting.

The attack took place on Utica Avenue in Crown Heights on March 5th police say. At the time, the unidentified girl attacked in the video was transported to the hospital and was initially listed as being in stable condition.

The video starts with one person attacking a grounded girl, then a mob appears from all directions to join in on the attack.

Horrific attack caught on camera: mob swarms and beats 15-year-old girl in Brooklyn

The total number of attackers easily exceeded a dozen from what the video depicts, each one stomping, kicking, and jumping onto the victim.

Reports detailed that the girl had her debit card, phone, and even her shoes stolen by the vicious thugs.

The fact that she’s in stable condition is nothing short of a miracle.

Horrific attack caught on camera: mob swarms and beats 15-year-old girl in Brooklyn

Anita Peavy, a registered nurse and also owner of a nearby electronics store, closed the gate to her business and went outside while the teen was assaulted:

“I didn’t need no trouble. I [was] scared the kids [would] come in here and just go crazy the way they was going crazy out there. I have never witnessed nothing like that yet in my life… To see such a small kid just dropping on one kid, it was crazy.”

Peavy, among others, tended to the victim when the violent criminals dispersed:

“She was bleeding like crazy. We just tried to keep her calm and sitting there until the ambulance come.”

Some reports have stated that authorities believe the attack on the young girl was some kind of retaliatory act.

However, what that alleged retaliation was for was unspecified by police, who only said it could possibly be related to a “previous incident.”

Carlita Gorden, an employee who works at a salon located near where the assault happened, came to the scene when she heard screaming:

“For so many kids to jump on one individual, it’s just ridiculous. Her book bag, she was grabbing on her book bag. No shoes, just sitting on the floor with no shoes.”

After seeing the savagely assaulted victim, Gorden spotted one of the suspects leaving the scene with the girl’s shoes in hand:

“Then you see the little one holding her sneakers, running away. Come one, it’s sad. We have to do better as a community. We have to do better as people in general. That this little girl could’ve lost her life, it’s really sad.”

Horrific attack caught on camera: mob swarms and beats 15-year-old girl in Brooklyn

Police have neither announced any identified suspects nor made any arrests in connection to this case.


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