IDAHO- It’s one of those stories that will leave you questioning whether there’s any sanity left in America.

A judge in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (which should tell you everything you need to know) has ruled that the state of Idaho owes inmate Adree Edmo a gender reassignment procedure.

The man is serving a ten year sentence for molesting a young boy.  Now he’s going to be rewarded with a medical procedure that could cost upwards of $50,000.

The judge has ignored the fact that the cost falls on the backs of many taxpayers who can’t even afford to visit a doctor for a basic checkup.  But the judge says it’s “the right thing to do”.

The ruling came down from U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill, along with the support of a panel of judges.  Winmill wrote:

“Responsible prison officials were deliberately indifferent to Edmo’s gender dysphoria”. 

Winmill said that violated the Eighth Amendment.

The Eighth Amendment states:

“Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

You read that right.  That means it’s cruel and unusual punishment for a man to go on living as a man.

Edmo, who is scheduled for release in 2021, said he can’t go on living like this any longer and needs the new body ASAP.  What nobody is talking about is the fact that after the “transition”, the rapist will then probably end up in a women’s prison.

Edmo says he’s wanted to be a woman for so long that he’s attempted self-castration and suicide multiple times, and said this is about healthcare for those in custody.

Healthcare is one thing… but an elective procedure is something else.

Just a few years ago, the American College of Pediatrics issued a statement linking gender reassignment to child abuse.

According to Glen Beck:

The American College of Pediatricians urges educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex. Facts — not ideology — determine reality.

“They say human sexuality is an objective, biological, binary trait, XY and XX are genetic marks of health, not genetic markers of disorders,” Co-host Pat Gray said on The Glenn Beck Program Monday. “Now that seems to fit in with what, kind of, the politically correct crowd is saying right now, that gender is just a state of mind.”

All that aside… let’s dive back into something here. Adree Edmo is a felon.

Edmo – or “Mason”, back then – raped a 15 year-old boy who had fallen asleep at a house party.

When you’re a felon, you’re forced to forfeit certain rights.

For example, in most states you can’t vote, own a gun, gain certain forms of employment, collect government benefits like food stamps, serve on a jury or travel abroad.

So why are we now saying that you’re entitled to have the government pay for your elective surgery?

Idaho Governor Brad Little vowed to take this all the way to the Supreme Court.

The same battle is happening in Connecticut.

That’s where taxpayers are now paying for the sex change of a man sentenced to death for raping and murdering a young family.

Two men were convicted of brutally raping and murdering a young family in Connecticut in the Cheshire home invasion case.  They were sentenced to death.

Then the Connecticut State Legislature abolished the death penalty – but for future cases.

Then in August 2015, in a final blow to the husband of the woman killed and the father of the young girls killed, the Connecticut Supreme Court defied the State Legislature and ruled that the death penalty was unconstitutional, then commuted all death sentences to life-in-prison, even if that sentencing took place prior to the date that the death penalty was abolished.

Now is where it gets mind-blowing.

Taxpayers are now on the hook to not only cover the costs of Stephen Hayes’ incarceration (6 life sentences), but they are also footing the bill for Hayes to move forward with his newfound desire to transition into a woman.   One of the men convicted of killing a woman and her two daughters in the 2007 Cheshire home invasion Hayes allegedly has only recently realized he is transgender and is undergoing hormone therapy in prison.

Hayes is one of two men convicted of murder in the deaths of Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her daughters, 11-year-old Michaela and 17-year-old Hayley. Hawke-Petit was raped and strangled by Hayes and the daughters died in the fire that was set shortly afterward. Hawke-Petit’s husband and the girls’ father, Dr. William Petit Jr., was beaten with a baseball bat at the outset of the home invasion but survived.

Hayes went on the record with Joe Tomaso, host of the podcast “15 Minutes With…”

Why anyone would give this man 15 minutes of fame is beyond us.  But the silver lining is that Americans might start to realize how screwed up our judicial system is.

Hayes still maintains that he was only guilty of committing a robbery.

“I’m not a monster,” Hayes has said. “It really wrecked me when I found out what happened. My life is ruined over all this. Everybody’s life is ruined. Do not do it. Nothing works out. Look at me. It’s absolutely not worth it. Unfortunately, we don’t get do-overs.”

Hayes claims he never went upstairs during the invasion, where the two young girls were tied to their beds, left to die in the arson fire. He continues to put the blame his co-conspirator in the Cheshire case, Joshua Komisarjevsky.

Hayes was transferred from Connecticut to a Pennsylvania prison about a year ago, where he was put into the general population. He is one of two transgender inmates at the Pennsylvania prison and there are many problems with presenting as a female.

In order to aid in his transition, he claims to have been taking hormone injections for the past 18 months. A spokesperson for the Connecticut Department of Correction said in an email that Hayes’ medical information is protected by privacy laws. They could neither confirm nor deny his claim of receiving hormones.

As such, it could not be immediately determined who is providing the hormones Hayes claims to have been taking for 18 months.

In one of the podcast interviews, Hayes told Tomaso that only after going through his files, did he find out that he was ‘diagnosed’ with gender dysphoria at age 16, but his family never addressed the issue.

In a letterHayes wrote:

“Last year I did finally openly admit my personal truth that I am transgender and lived a life of severe gender dysphoria.”

According to his own statements, he didn’t know he was transgender until he read those records from his teenage years.  Convenient. Ever heard of Bradley/Chelsea Manning?

In 2013, a military judge on sentenced PFC Bradley Manning to 35 years in prison. He had leaked the largest cache of classified documents in U.S. history.

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Manning was acquitted of the most serious charge he faced — aiding the enemy — but was convicted of multiple other counts, including violations of the Espionage Act, for copying and disseminating classified military field reports, State Department cables, and assessments of detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Manning was sentenced to serve out his time at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Somewhere after he began serving his time, there was a shift in the narrative.

Che claimed to have started identifying as a woman in 2010, right around the time of his arrest.

He was sentenced to 35 years in 2013. He wound up in solitary confinement, being considered a suicide risk. Manning requested a move to the female side of Leavenworth. The Army denied that request.

In 2015, he was authorized to undergo hormone treatment, with the green light to undergo transition surgery coming in 2016. 

Guess who was paying for that process? If you said the American taxpayers, you are correct.

And then to make matters worse, in one of his final acts as President, Barak Obama, citing the issues Manning was facing as a transitioning woman in a male facility, granted Manning clemency. He was pardoned in January of 2017 and released in May of the same year.

David French wrote in the National Review:

“Manning isn’t a woman in need of rescue. He’s a soldier who committed serious crimes. He … just dumped hundreds of thousands of classified documents into the public domain … without the slightest regard for the lives of others. Manning is a traitor who pled guilty to a lesser offense to avoid the full penalty for his crimes … [President] Obama’s commutation of his sentence is a disgrace.”

On May 31, 2018, the U.S. Army Court of Criminal Appealsupheld Chelsea Manning’s 2013 court-martial conviction of violating the Espionage Act.

In a 26-page opinion issued Thursday, a three-judge appellate panel affirmed the results of the 2013 court-martial that ended with the Army intelligence analyst being ordered to spend 35 years in military prison.

“We are confident that based on the entire record and appellant’s course of conduct, the military judge would have imposed a sentence of at least that which was adjudged,” Senior Judge Col. Lorianne Campanella wrote on behalf of the panel. 

“We AFFIRM the sentence as adjudged and approved,” the appeal court ruled. “We find this reassessed sentence is not only purged of any error but is also appropriate.” 

Obama’s pardon paved the way for the appeal ruling to be rendered mostly moot.

Enter Hayes. Is it possible that he is using the Manning strategy to mount his own defense to seek a pardon or clemency to skirt the six life sentences that he is serving?

Keep your eyes open. If he seeks a transfer to the women’s facility, I would say that the above question will start to answer itself.

What logical sense does it require to think it is a good idea to move a man, who was convicted of raping, torturing and killing a woman, to a jail full of women?

Only time will tell. In the meantime, I am tired of my tax dollars paying for these procedures.


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