Judge blocks Chicago mom from seeing her teen daughter after refusing to pretend she’s the opposite sex


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CHICAGO, IL – Jeannette Cooper is a mom to a 15-year-old daughter, Sophia. But Jeanette has only been able to spend 8 1/2 hours with her daughter over the past three years, missing her 13th, 14th and 15th birthdays.

Quick thoughts would be that Jeannette is in jail and cannot see Sophia, or that the court has given custody to her father because she is an unfit mother. Neither are correct.

The court is behind the separation of mom and daughter…but not for the reasons you might think.

This is Jeannette’s story, and it is heartbreaking.

See, Sophia claims to be transgendered.

And Jeannette, well, she refuses to play make believe with her daughter.

When the girl was 12, she was at her father’s house. Jeannette came to pick her up, but she refused to leave with her, saying that she felt “unsafe” with her mom.

So, the courts stepped in to conduct a seven-month interview.  During that time, Sophia stayed with her dad.

“When they temporarily kept her with her dad for a period, I was fine with that. I thought that’s what they should do. That’s the responsibility of the court to investigate if a child is saying that they feel unsafe,” Cooper told Kelsey Bolar in a video interview for Independent Women’s Forum

This interview is hard to watch. It is gut-wrenching. And it is just one more piece of evidence that progressive ideology is now dictating what we must believe, think and say if we want to hold onto the things most precious to us in life: our children.

Jeannette refused to pretend that Sophia was something she wasn’t just to satisfy the court.

During the investigation, Jeannette and her ex-husband both went through psychological testing coupled with hours upon hours of interviews. They both had home visits. They even interviewed other people who had witnessed Jeannette and Sophia together.

“After that report came out, I thought ‘surely, this is going to resolve itself.’ Clearly there is no finding of abuse or neglect.

They didn’t find anything about me that is unsafe. But the thing that I am clearly not complying with is this concept that good parenting means that you affirm what a child’s idea that there is something wrong with them. I am not willing to do that.

They want me to have a certain understanding that there is such a thing as a child who is born transgender, and this is who they are,” she told Bolar.

“I do not believe that. My child is a girl, and I won’t lie to her or anyone else. I think that’s good parenting.”

The video then overlayed a clip of President Joe Biden feeding this false narrative of transgenderism.

“To parents of transgender children, affirming your child’s identity is one of the most powerful things you can do to keep them safe and healthy,” the President read off a teleprompter. 

Cooper then discussed the reality surrounding teen suicide and other forms of self-harm.

“It is unfortunate that we are teaching children that a word will cause them to commit suicide. That is not how suicide works. We know that children who are depressed, anxious, autistic, have a history of childhood trauma, are more likely to kill themselves, are more likely to attempt suicide.

Does that mean that changing their identity, creating a new self is the secret to get them out of their childhood trauma, to get them out of their depression? That has never been true, and it is not true today.”


Jeannette Cooper stood firm in her resolve to speak truth, rather than cave to the pressure imposed by the system.

“I won’t do that,” she continued. “I’m not going to believe in a lie, and I am not going to convince my daughter that somehow, she is so weak that she cannot hear her birth name.

If I say Sophia, she will still live. I promise that I will there with her through her distress. I will be present in her life. I’m not going anywhere.”  

The court prohibited Jeannette from seeing Sophia, except in family therapy sessions. Those sessions failed to produce the outcomes that they state was trying to coerce.

Bolar wrote:

“Jeannette believed that Sophia’s new stepmother, a licensed psychotherapist, had encouraged Sophia to separate from Jeannette.

Little by little, piece by piece, Jeannette said her daughter’s stepmother helped orchestrate a custody change under the auspice of ‘saving’ Sophia.

Under the temporary court order issued shortly after Sophia first claimed to be transgender, Jeannette was only allowed to see her daughter if she attended reconciliation family therapy, which has a specific goal of reconciling an alienated child and parent. Jeannette said she was looking forward to it.

The only thing she objected to was the requirement that her ex-husband’s wife be included, which gave Sophia’s stepmom access to everything that happened during family therapy, including Jeannette’s private sessions with Sophia.

Jeannette told the therapist that she didn’t consent to this arrangement, but according to Jeannette, the therapist said if Jeannette didn’t consent, she wouldn’t be able to see her daughter.”

So, Jeannette was forced into a new parenting “agreement.”

“The final agreement that I have signed, yes, I suppose I agreed to it,” Cooper said.

“I’m not sure I had any choice. It had been decided that something was wrong in this child’s life, and they needed to solve that problem because she was in distress in some way. They needed a specific thing that they change in her life, and I happen to be the chosen one.” 

The agreement dictated that Sophia would remain in the custody of her dad, and it removed the ability for Cooper to have any contact with her daughter except through the US Postal Service.

She has no way to know if her letters are received or read by Sophia unless the young lady writes her back.

“I don’t have her phone number. I know where she lives, but I am not allowed to go there. I know where she goes to school, and I’m not allowed there either,” she said.

“But this is parenting. What I am doing, even though I have no real contact with her, I am still a parent. I am still her mother.”

Per the article written by Bolar, “In return for giving up her ability to spend time with her daughter, Jeannette negotiated for a legal commitment that Sophia will not medically transition without a court order or Jeannette’s written permission.”

Cooper then sits in her living room surrounded by boxes of her daughter’s things. She packed them away because of how difficult it was to look at it. The word she used was unbearable.

She has not seen a photo of her daughter since her 7th grade school photos. She is now in the 10th grade.

But she still tries to parent from a silent distance.

“I see that my child is at sea in a boat,” Cooper said. “She is struggling. She is in tumultuous seas. I know that. I have seen that. And what I have been told is to follow her lead, to follow her in this journey.

I am not willing to do that. I don’t think that is good parenting. It’s my responsibility not to hook my boat to hers. It is my responsibility to be a lighthouse, to be something stable that she can see, some guide that she has, that will always be there, that is consistent.

I still do that today, even though I have no custody of her. I have no medical decision-making, no education decision-making, and no way to communicate with her, other than by mail.”

Sadly, Cooper is not alone in this struggle.

“I am sad to say, that this could happen to anyone,” she told Bolar. 

We can only hope and pray that this type of insanity stops. We are in a battle for the hearts and minds of our children. We are fighting for their very lives against an enemy that doesn’t really care about our kids.

They simply want to control what we are allowed to believe and how we raise our children.


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