Cop destroys journalist’s call to remove the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ flag


It’s always oddly interesting when you’re sitting on the crime scene of a shooting (as I was yesterday), surrounded by shell casings and blood, after you’ve just read an article like the one written by Rod Watson: ‘Blue lives matter’ flag should come down – now.

The article claims that the Thin Blue Line Flag, ‘is a symbol that supports the choices that police officers make… when they slam someone’s head on a cop car door as they put the person in the back with handcuffs… when they choose to shoot a man in the back as he runs away… when they choke someone who is in custody until they stop breathing.’

It’s funny that there are still radicals like this guy who spew this divisive, hateful and blatantly false rhetoric. Unfortunately for people like him, there will always be a guy like me, who will set the record straight. 

This is what the Thin Blue Line really represents. It represents something that has been around much, much longer than these divisive “movements.” It represents 16 cops dead since the ball dropped. It represents 150 cops who were killed in 2018. It represents 166 women and men who decided to be somebody. 166 women and men who decided not to live the average life, but to live a life of hard work and sacrifice. 166 souls that worked and sacrificed for something greater than themselves.

Their decision to be a cop, their sacrifice, is one that very few in society make. It’s the few women and men who make this decision, who make this sacrifice, that form the Thin Blue Line and stands before evil to protect the good. The Thin Blue Line represents those who make the sacrifice, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice. The 166 who didn’t make it home, and the many more whose work we have the honor of continuing on, where they left off. 

Cop destroys journalist’s call to remove the 'Blue Lives Matter' flag
The Thin Blue Line represents me. The Thin Blue Line represents you.

To those people of America who care to listen… don’t believe the hype. Don’t believe those who choose to ignore the 7,851 deaths that occurred in their community in 2017 (that had nothing to do with police), but try to redirect your attention to see the truth through the lies.

Negativity breeds negativity.

That is the law of the universe. Question anyone who promotes themselves as an agent of change, yet leads with negativity, radical ideology, and contempt for those who disagree with them. 

The Thin Blue Line represents me. The Thin Blue Line represents you.

The Thin Blue Line is there while you sleep at night, and it is there when you wake up in the morning.

The Thin Blue Line is there at your lowest moments, and it is there to protect you from dangerous ones.

The next time you see this Flag, please remember these words. Please remember those we lost. Last but not least, please remember…. it is ultimately there for you.

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